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  1. Reading through the flames forums you really do get an idea of how clueless their posters are.. how can you not see why Hartley received this fine? Laughing at the fact that they think Hartley didn't intentionally send them out there knowing what was going to happen. Guess they don't want to believe their coach is a total dbag.. morons.
  2. Was at the game and the crowd was definitely loud last last night but ended up getting a bit quiet in the third.. but you can't really blame us when the whole play is focused in our own end and the most you can do is chant go Canucks go when they're giving you absolutely nothing to cheer about.. except Lack, he got consistent love from the crowd the whole game. Would've liked to see the Canucks be more physical atleast in third as that can get the crowd going a lot. BTW the whole attire thing.. if you're paying $200+ a seat I don't really care what you're wearing as long as you cheer. My section was definitely pretty rowdy but there were people around me that were completely silent the whole game.