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  1. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    It's pretty much official that Rödin will play in North America next season. Will compete for a spot on the Canucks roster in training camp but will most likely start in the AHL.
  2. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    No problem it's just fun, I'm excited to see him next year. He's kind of a favorite player, played in Brynäs since he was like 10 years old and before that when he lived in Stockholm, he played in Hammarby which is my favorite soccer team. So, he has played for my both favorite teams so it's hard not to like him
  3. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    I read today that Rödin was supposed to play on the national team by now, but had to decline due to his shoulder problems Link to the article, translated by google translate
  4. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Interesting. I'm excited to see what he can accomplish in North America next season
  5. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    That's it for his season with Brynäs at least. Don't know if he could join the Moose now. Don't know if he should join either considering his shoulder problems he's had all season. But we'll see!
  6. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Tough loss tonight, again. Brynäs eliminated 4-1 in games.. Rödin's TOI average in the playoffs was just under 18 minutes, 1 goal and 1 assist.
  7. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Damn, Brynäs lost 2-1 today. 3-1 in games in advantage for Färjestad. Rödin played 20:32 minutes despite looking pretty bad. 2nd most ice time of Brynäs' forwards.
  8. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Don't really know about that one. But I think some players have housing covered, free car etc.
  9. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    I've seen like three AHL games so I can't really answer that. But when i see league rankings, the SEL is almost always ahead of the AHL. The SEL is much less physical I assume, but more skilled.
  10. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Do you mean stats like ice time and so? Just press "player stats" and you have some stats. If you're looking for just goals, assists, +/- etc, swehockey have some stats. Press "SM-Slutspel" and you will find.
  11. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    He is signed by the Canucks and on loan to Brynäs this season, and I'm quite sure he will play in North America next year.
  12. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Correct. Also playing on the PP. He averages 17:23 minutes/game in the playoffs after 3 games. 1 goal and 1 assist. Not very good +/- though, -4.
  13. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Yes!! Brynäs won the third game in overtime Rödin with a secondary assist on the 2-2 goal, scored on the PP. Pretty good pass to the d-man Ekholm, who took a slap shot and Järnkrok put home the rebound. Rödin played 16 minutes and was -1. In overtime he draw a holding the stick penalty and Brynäs scored on that power play Highlights from the game, Rödin's secondary assist at about 1:15
  14. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    No problem, just glad I can help Goal for Rödin today in the second playoff game! Brynäs lost 3-2 in overtime though too bad, it was a really important game. Anton scored the Brynäs' 2nd goal, a nice wrister on the PP. He had a good game and was awarded with the player of the game for Brynäs. His TOI was 21:28 minutes, was -2, had 2 hits and 3 SOG. Highlights from the game, Rödin's goal at 40 seconds.
  15. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Not good to be honest. But Brynäs lost 7-3 so what can one expect. Only players like Järnkrok and Silfverberg had a good game, as usual. Rödin was given a 1 on a grade scale from 1 to 6 in the local newspaper. He played 15 minutes in the game.