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  1. I dont see the problem with this trade. That 1st is most likely 4-6 years away from being an impact in the NHL and I dont think fits the timeline JB has for the club to be a contender. In the meantime we get 4 years of a quality NHL player to play with our decent young guys now. I think if Ep40 wasn't as good as he turned out to be this trade wouldn't have happened at least not with the first involved. Just my take.
  2. What percentage of humans is affected by this genetic variation?
  3. This is definitely the most intense game between two teams I dont care for, that I have ever seen. Wow. I need to pee...... but dont want to miss anything.
  4. Jesus... I am glad I don't care who wins this if this was a Canucks game i would have had a major cardiac failure. Horrible horrible call though.
  5. The player and the puck were in a continuous motion in the same direction. Not off side...