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  1. I am down 10k I am sure many many others are way worse off than me in this madness, so I think if anyone is at zero they should be ecstatic.
  2. I think we are down to individual squares at this point.. single ply at that. We all know how that turns out...
  3. All these missed calls , I think almost every one has resulted in a turn over and decent chance on the net for the hawks.
  4. Does Bailey have enough Talent to play alongside Miller and EP40? I know he is fast and can score in the AHL but other than that i haven't seen much of him.
  5. I thought the Rome hit in the SCF was the setting of the bar for a late hit? .5 seconds late is equivalent to 20 game suspension for a first time offense?
  6. Boston guys are still disagreeing with the offside challenge call. Win da turd. Shutout shutout shutout....
  7. Would love to see big tuna lay out the rat ala the Rome hit but not a half second late so it is squeaky clean.
  8. If the largest growing sector in minor hockey is women's hockey today then this could just be too early to adopt a legitimate league. Give it 15 -20 years and they might have enough interest to make it worth while for the players, owners and the fans. I think it is just too early for a women's pro league. I am in full support of a women's pro league like the NHL but it just doesn't seem feasible to subsidize an entire league for the next 15+ years until it can sustain itself. Would it be nice if the NHL owners would step up absolutely but should they be obligated to? They already have equalization payments to keep the low hanging fruit NHL teams afloat and competitive why would they want to keep an entire league afloat. Maybe if the NHL could add something into future TV deals that would somehow help bring money into the women's league and also give them some tv exposure I could see that but that's about it, and again I think it is minimum 10 years too early to even think of this as an option and even start the discussions imo. But I would have loved it if my daughter could have had a WNHL team she could get behind and support while growing up.