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  1. The player and the puck were in a continuous motion in the same direction. Not off side...
  2. I wonder if they can use that even after time has expired as well.... kind of like football
  3. I love the Benchmark set because of the Rome suspension basically every other suspension after that occurring in the regular season would be at least 15 games for a clean hit .5 seconds late.. oh.. wait thats not even suspension worthy in the preseason to any other team or player since... As for AV he made some poor choices but it was the players on the ice and more so the reffs that cost them the cup.
  4. As long as we get to see as much as possible QH43 and EP40 on the ice together to end the season i will be pleased.
  5. Oh that ref is gonna get a talking to for calling that penalty....
  6. Can we please just have our National Anthem back? Out of all the stupid stuff this government has done this one pisses me off the most lol.
  7. He was absolutely crushing guys. Loved seeing that. If he sticks around and gets an extension he could become a fan favorite if he keeps it up. He plays a simple but effective game and hits to hurt.
  8. Why they wait until the games mean nothing to give us any sort of benefit of doubt.