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  1. I don't either but if they feel they can still play an elite game in the NHL who knows.
  2. If he helps get us 4-5 more seasons of top six production out of the twins it will be the biggest win in FA 2016. I hope he and the twins just absolutely light it up over then next couple seasons.
  3. [Trade] PK Subban to Predators for Shea Weber

    Take Shea 10/10 over PK. The player, the person, the contract. Good trade for Montreal.
  4. Best Bass Player

    I second Victor Wooten when you listen to him play it's like you are listening to the sound of someone's soul. Amazing player. And I'm a death metal guy.
  5. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    Not sure if I ever posted this but one of the greatest death metal songs ever written... Oh and this one.
  6. back in the dawn of time.

    What he is really trying to say is smack those little buggers upside the head when they disrespect you. Just like our parents and there parents did. Just kidding but this whole sensitivity approach to everything is making our youth lazy and want everything spoon fed to them. Some will thrive and others will be what you see today self entitled little brats. But even though I am not an old timer as some I grew up where hard work and determination got you what you wanted.
  7. back in the dawn of time.

    It's crazy how heartbreaking something like that can be to a kid. Glad the coach saw something in you and gave you a chance as a ball player myself as a kid it help make me a better person and taught me a lot about self control, team work and fair play. Amongst many other things. I think it also shows great character that you took the opportunity not for granted and the end result was a long lasting involvement in the game.
  8. We're all Desi

    I only get Desi when I'm drunk. Or have a bad head cold/flu..
  9. What a farce this US election is. Are these really the best they can come up with to run a country. The last 20 years has been choose the bad or the worse. There has to be more capable people out of the 100+ million US citizens that can run a super power. Are the smart ones just to smart to take on this role?
  10. That Moment When.....

    You are all grown up have kids and realize that all the stuff you did when young and thought your parents didn't have a clue you now know that they knew everything you were doing. And you appreciate them so much more for not saying anything to you Esp through your teenage years of self discovery with your body.
  11. What's the better Catch Phrase

    Boom headshot..
  12. Where to date online?

    Stay away from Craigslist lol.
  13. merry 4/20!

    That is awesome I'm not into the whole smoke in public as I hate being around people when I smoke. That looks like it would have been a blast plus the weather looks like it was nice.