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  1. if Tkachuk goes unpunished he could go on to ruin several careers with his reckless play, Kassian on the other hand was trying to remove the problem because the refs did nothing.
  2. Not sure how a hip check to the neck/ head after a 4 stride sprint is perfectly fine. I remember Edler getting a suspension for hertle (sp) skating into him with his head. These hits were targeted hits and blatant head shots he deserved much more than Kassian gave him hope Kassian doesn't let the suspension scare him and I hope he absolutely makes this kid and the entire team pay next game.
  3. similar increases over the last 3 years for me as well, only a 3% increase on this one 2% below my city average so my taxes should stay the same for once.
  4. If you can control the information going out, you will control the information going back in. Sadly this will be the next evolution of the internet, it is inevitable. We can never have nice things.
  5. I guarantee you know more than you are aware of. Some people hide it so well that you have no idea until they end up in the hospital.
  6. Man if he hits him a little more squarely this is the hit of the season. Also clean hit.
  7. It was determined that the puck had intended to get to the player eventually hence the no interference call...or boarding on the play.
  8. That was Reaves if I am not mistaken. I would forgive Bo for not doing more than grab a sweater in that situation.
  9. currently listening to this gem. Album of the year IMO.
  10. The same people whom as kids wanted to trade 10 common cards for a Gretzky/Crosby etc rookie card. refuse to give up value to get value and then complain that you can't get nice things... makes sense
  11. I as a customer/user of the service am not concerned about them seeing the results of a few blood tests or to have the knowledge of my previous STI results. but considering i have been part of several of these security breaches as a customer on various web sites it is getting a little annoying knowing that i have already given up credit card numbers, online passwords and bank account information as well as basically all my personal information. from what i recall i have been a part of the Sony PSN hack/ breach, the capital one breach, Scotiabank, TransUnion, as well as probably more including Facebook, yahoo etc and now lifelabs. I am slowly starting to believe in the less is more approach. i am sure you can basically purchase my entire online identity on the dark web, what a thought that is.