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  1. surtur

    [Report] Canucks recall Ryan Spooner

    Can't wait to see him go ppg the rest of the season with ep40 and the flow.
  2. surtur

    [Waivers] Brandon Manning

    Complete and utter incompetence. He absolutely destroyed that team. They had the potential to be a legitimate dynasty right about now and they are still at square one. I feel bad for the fans and i have no idea how they put up with it for so long. I remember the fire Gillis chants at the home games just prior to his removal. Not sure if Edmonton did anything like this? As much as i hate the oilers i do not wish this on any team other than the Leafs
  3. surtur

    [GDT] Canucks vs Sharks... LIVE EDITION

    Was a weak ass attempt at a swing of the stick even if he made contact it wiuld have been minor injury if anything after getting punched in the back of the head. Hope he just gets a fine.
  4. surtur

    [GDT] Canucks vs Sharks... LIVE EDITION

    Feel bad for him neither goal is his fault. Hope he can stay the course.
  5. surtur

    [GDT] Canucks vs Sharks... LIVE EDITION

    I am so confused by the lineup this game what happened while i was at work lol...
  6. This isn't even news. Even if in 5 months a team makes him an offer it only means anything if he signs it. Every team can make an offer but he is not obligated to entertain any of them especially if he feels he will get fair value from the Leaf's and wants to stay. He only signs if he needs a last resort negotiation tool to get what he wants and that's only if another team files an offer sheet in the first place.
  7. surtur

    [Waivers] Ty Rattie, Ryan Spooner, Justin Falk

    Is Chia a spy sent in by the NHL to dismantle the future dynasty that the Oilers were surely going to be? Or did we as Canucks fans just hit the hockey gods lottery of not having to kiss the feet of oilers fans for the next decade. I don't wish ill will on anyone but since it is happening to the Oilers i can't help but smile.
  8. surtur

    Time to get even with Matheson?

    I am pretty sure Domi said and i quote "you want to act tough with me? I watched that Canucks game you little bitch, we all seen it and had a laugh." Or at least thats what i would like to think is what he said.
  9. I am loving every minute of it. A team gifted so much talent up front through tanking and this is where they stand needing forwards... worst run organization in sports. The team would be better off if all decisions were decided on a hfboards poll. I feel for the fans and the teams two NHL players.
  10. surtur

    [PGT] Florida Panthers at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 13, 2019

    I wasnt aware Luongo was spelled Matheson? Or little bitch? I must have missed those Luongo bashing posts i read several praising his play and wishing he would come back to Vancouver.
  11. Matheson puts milk in the bowl before the cereal.
  12. surtur

    Bc assessment 2019

    Yeah i might. It states right on my assessment that due to recent sales in my area my assessment has increased. My neighbors fully renovated house sold for way over market value in my area. Almost made me contemplate spending some money on renos and cashing out as my house is nearly twice the size and based on his sale i could sell for nearly double what i paid 4 years ago if i did some work on it. But i love the location as it is walking distance to the schools and is a really quiet neighborhood. Plus i am in no position to risk doing the work and the market crashing before i can sell. I hope the market is strong once the kids are graduating and i sell but that is several years away and plenty can change in that time.
  13. surtur

    Bc assessment 2019

    As far as i know yes.
  14. surtur

    Bc assessment 2019

    As for what i actually came here to post was my property had a 18% increase while the average was 8% so i will have a tax increase.