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  1. If the Canuck's win the cup in the next 5 years it will be because of this guy.
  2. 1: random 2: large 3: no name 4: canada fyi my gf gives me crap for weaing PJ pants because apparently my little pp looks too big when i wear them.
  3. I have not tried the Blue Widow yet it is going in my next grow. I have only positive things to say about Dinafem so far.
  4. I really liked the Critical + 2.0 got a half pound on my first plant (indoors 12 weeks of veg, 10Gal soil, and 2 100w CREE COB LED light set up) it smokes well and makes killer edibles. I am not much of a smoker but love eating it. I also did a Dinamed CBD+ (very low THC 1 or 2% but high CBD) (got just over a 1/2 lb) next run i am doing XXX OG, Purple Panty Dropper (for the wife), Ghost Train Haze, and Blue Widow. Last batch (my second try) I ran a DWC hydro setup and got the same end results with half the Veg time so I am hopeful I can continue to improve quality and yields as i learn. I tried doing it outdoors last year too but the dogs kept getting into the garden and digging them up even with a fence in place...
  5. he will be our secret weapon for the finals... he will be so well rested and eager to play he will score 15 goals in our sweep for the cup, Playoff MVP and named team captain next year.
  6. I am down 10k I am sure many many others are way worse off than me in this madness, so I think if anyone is at zero they should be ecstatic.
  7. I think we are down to individual squares at this point.. single ply at that. We all know how that turns out...