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  1. The Dark Side (Of the Galaxy)

    Huh makes you wonder what we might have discovered if the world's countries swapped military budgets with space exploration budgets.. Over the past 60 years.
  2. Misery Signals - Vancouver July 30

    Was gonna say awesome band but then realized I was thinking of misery index and have no idea who misery signals is.
  3. I don't either but if they feel they can still play an elite game in the NHL who knows.
  4. If he helps get us 4-5 more seasons of top six production out of the twins it will be the biggest win in FA 2016. I hope he and the twins just absolutely light it up over then next couple seasons.
  5. [Trade] PK Subban to Predators for Shea Weber

    Take Shea 10/10 over PK. The player, the person, the contract. Good trade for Montreal.
  6. You make it sound like a marriage when the reality of CDC is more like a bad divorce. But welcome and good post.
  7. New Fighting rules in AHL, Could NHL adopt them?

    So count the instigator of the fight as having two fights..
  8. A sniper rifle or your ordinary 308 ( a sniper rifle) makes a great hunting rifle or should I say that a great hunting rifle just so happens to make a great sniper rifle. Assault rifles are a different animal.
  9. Pavel

    If you are going to go with Pavel pure spell it Purr'eh! It the Canadian way.
  10. What happened to eliminating door to door service? Liberals save their jobs and then they go on strike for more money/ benefits? They should be happy to still have an easy over paid job as it is.
  11. Millennials Are Weak And Here's Proof!

    My hernia hurt after watching the first anchor.... I'll just sit at my desk thinking about how I should be at the gym and tell myself one day I'll start going and get all big and buff.. But I know I'm lying to myself and never will.
  12. Trades, Trades and Deals.

    I know a guy.
  13. HonGJIAN Electron Go out Mosquito

    Unless they actually want to burn their house down.. Then I say fire it up. I'm sure the top notch quality control would have caught all the issues.
  14. Best Bass Player

    I second Victor Wooten when you listen to him play it's like you are listening to the sound of someone's soul. Amazing player. And I'm a death metal guy.