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  1. Dave Mirra Dead at 41 (Apparent Suicide)

    A freaking legend. I was never really into bmx but I sure as heck knew who he was.   
  2. New App / Website

    Private Internet access 
  3. New App / Website

    Yup this sucks. I use a vpn on my phone and never had a problem watching games. But now somehow it knows where I am.  But running through a vpn on my pc it still let's me watch.  
  4. Daniel Sedin: The real All Star Game MVP

    The best player was not the MVP. The MVP was the person who had the biggest impact on the game. John Scott had the biggest impact on the game so he was the real star.
  5. Thatcher Demko Talk

    I thought they only become Ufa if they leave school early? 
  6. [GDT] 2016 NHL All-Star Game

    I really enjoyed how it was the NHL and media vs John Scott and the other players and the fans picked to side with the big man and  my God that was a flawless victory with a fatality for the fans, the players and John Scott.    And I am glad it went the way it did. Honestly the guy could have been made a joke of and been straight up embarrassed In front of friends, family and millions of people but the joke turned around full circle and became a story of John Scott the the first ever AHL player to be an NHL allstar MVP.  And made the NHL and the media look absolutely ridiculous.   (unless they have some super genius working at the NHL would coined up this story and it was all created to draw in fans) conspiracy...... The nhl did create an awful lot of publicity with how they handled it.  If they did nothing and just let him play. The fan reaction might have been much less about Scott. And overall a lot less interest in the ASG.     In the end it was a perfect story that couldn't have went any better.        
  7. We already do by paying for the same service at inflated prices.  Please tell me how a basic landline warrants anything more than a couple dollars a month yet we pay 40. Internet should be free for let's say 1 mbs and 5 gb data and anything over should be what we pay now. Yet most of it has been paid for already the basic infrastructure has Been in place for what 60 years for a phone line 10-15 years for Internet (faster than dial up ) Most homes have these hook ups already and the cost of basic services are non existing. As long as they have a service call limit on basic accounts.  maybe not free because no one likes toggle anything away but maybe a home phone with basic Internet for 10-20 a month.      
  8. And free local land line telephone. My God 40$ a month Telus tell me how that is justifiable Esp for a back up non primary phone.  But I feel everyone should be entitled to all basic needs free. And only be charged for anything in excess of basic usage. Everyone should be allowed free electric to power basic household appliances . Free local landlines phone service  Free basic Internet nothing more than 1mbps,  Facebook/ YouTube etc are not essential so no need for high speed. I am tired of having to pay for something that gets used 1 or 2 times a year.  My home phone has swapped places with my cell phone about ten years ago. My cell phone was at first for emergencies only. you know the old Motorola flip phones on a pay and talk bundle for like 10$ a month. But now I pay 40 a month for a emergency only house phone and 100 for my cell phone that has Internet and unlimited minutes etc.       
  9. AHL Ref Mic'd Up

    Stop hitting his glove with your face or I am going to give you a penalty. I think it would have been a goldmine of material.
  10. [GDT] 2016 NHL All-Star Game

    It doesn't mean about to some of the guys many of them turn it down to spend time. With family or to rest. It looked like it ment the world to John. And the rest of the players and even the fans knew it and made it very memorable for hi.  
  11. AHL Ref Mic'd Up

    Wish I could hear the refs talk during the finals against Boston.. 
  12. ham-juice appreciation thread.

    Absolutely love a juicy ham.
  13. [GDT] 2016 NHL All-Star Game

    It was pretty awesome to see the players embrace him like they did.
  14. Daniel Sedin: The real All Star Game MVP

    Because they don't need a scorer anymore they have Scott to take on that role.
  15. [GDT] 2016 NHL All-Star Game

    They wanted nothing to do with it thinking he was gonna be a disgrace to the game. It turn around completely from being a joke to him being a valued player on the ice. For the fans and the players.