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  1. With a lineup like that one would think the comets could do some damage in the playoffs. Although I’m sure injuries and call-ups will again do a number
  2. Does anyone know anything about EA acquiring different leagues to be in the game this year? I just ask because I noticed that Jack Hughes was already in the game, despite in previous years, players needing to play their first NHL or AHL game before they had the rights to use them in game. And obviously NCAA/USHL were not in previous editions. As well supposedly Kravtsov and Shestyorkin are on the list of players who’ve been face scanned for their in game characters, despite both of these players playing in the KHL all of last season
  3. Was at the Sedins second last game. Didn’t watch the last one... idk why
  4. With the Canucks now having a surplus of forwards and the sabres having a surplus of defence, I’m hoping the time is right for a Risto trade. Pieces i’d be okay with in the deal include Baertschi, Virtanen, perhaps Gaud or Madden, Goldy, Stecher or Tanev if Buffalo wants another D. I feel like value wise something could be worked out including the assets listed above
  5. Wikipedia also said that Loui Eriksson plays for the Ho Chi Minh Tigers of the Peoples Republic of China Hockey League so...
  6. You just know that if Benning did make this deal people would be outraged about the potential of not having a pick in the first two rounds of the draft. Ya can’t win
  7. In a way Broberg reminds me of Carlo. Big body with all the tools but a lot of fear over taking him due to IQ. Lots of fans look silly now as Carlo is a great player for the Bruins. The way I see it, the concerns over Broberg come after he gets past the opponents blue line. If he can wheel the puck in to the zone, that alone is something the canucks sorely lack
  8. Eh I’m not too sure. He was very interested in Juolevi prior to his drafting, lots of buzz around Virtanen as well. And he flew out Petterson and Glass for in person interviews in Vancouver prior to that draft. Boeser and Hughes were definitely less hinted at for sure, but Dhaliwal has his sources and they’ve been right before. Personally, i’d trust in the scouts if Broberg was our guy, but I feel like there are too many solid forwards to pass up
  9. Rick Dhaliwal said on 650 this morning he has heard the Canucks covet Philip Broberg at 10. Said he also heard that Edmonton is very keen on him as well so he may not make it to our pick. Take that for what it’s worth