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  1. [GDT] - Capitals vs Canucks - October 22 2015 - 7:00pm

    any good streams? pm?   thanks
  2. Kassian involved in early morning car wreck...

    Heard rumours of him delving into the white stuff back in Windsor. Never really thought too much of it cause recreational use really isn't that uncommon around that age, I guess I just thought he would clean up his act in order to be a proffessional athelete. Sad to hear and I hope he can recover from this. A sober Kassian can be a force in this league.
  3. Question about watching games..

    I have a question about watching Canucks games. I won't have access to TV for a while and will most likely be working during the majority of games. Is there any websites or anything that would show the game after it already happened? Is NHL Gamecenter the only option? Any third party websites (PM me)? Thanks :}
  4. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    Are there any links i can watch on my iphone lol
  5. The Walking Dead Thread

    They did it with Andrea and now they did it with Beth. They bring a character nobody cares about to the forefront, devote an entire story arc to them, and kill them at the end of it all so they can say they killed a major character. Everything just seemed so forced. This whole segment has been awkward and I can't say I'm remotely shocked they killed off Beth. Well, on the bright side, no more Beth.
  6. Russia’s move to broaden its energy ties to China is clouding the outlook for natural gas export projects on the drawing board in the U.S., Canada and Australia. Companies looking to approve liquefied natural gas plants in the next couple of years and start shipments at the end of the decade will probably experience delays, according to energy consultants Tri-Zen International Inc. Gas-supply agreements between Russia, the world’s largest energy exporter, and China, the biggest consumer, are adding to pressure on projects that are already facing increasing competition, rising costs and the prospect of lower prices. “It’s just bad news generally” for LNG around the world, said Peter Howard, president of the Canadian Energy Research Institute. “It’s going to get really crowded.” China and Russia signed an initial gas accord two days ago, after a $400 billion deal earlier this year. The tie-up means that only one-in-20 proposed LNG projects targeting the 2020 market will be needed, while one-in-five seeking 2025 sales will be required, according to a Macquarie Group Ltd. report. “It’s not good news for projects hoping to get to a final investment decision in the next year or two,” Tony Regan, a consultant at Singapore-based Tri-Zen, said today. “Those developers will need to think about the post 2020 market.” Vulnerable Canadians The export of new supplies to Asia increases the possibility of a glut in global energy markets by early next decade. Once deliveries begin, China would supplant Germany as Russia’s biggest gas market, even as relations have soured with the U.S. and Europe over the Ukraine crisis. Multibillion-dollar projects led by companies including Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Petroliam Nasional Bhd., Chevron Corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) are among more than 20 proposals for LNG export that Canadian regulators have approved or are considering from the nation’s Pacific and Atlantic Coasts. Most Canadian projects are scheduled to begin after 2020. “The Canadian ones are probably the most vulnerable,” Regan said by phone. Among proposed projects in Australia are Woodside Petroleum Ltd. (WPL)’s Browse and Sunrise LNG ventures, with partners including Shell, and Exxon’s Scarborough venture. Expansions of plants including Exxon’s $19 billion project in Papua New Guinea are also being considered. Those proposed plants would follow seven Australian projects currently under construction for about $185 billion. Window Closes In Australia, “new local projects will be undercut by international competitors while existing projects will see downward pricing pressure” as Russian pipeline volumes add to supplies, according to Macquarie. In the U.S., Cheniere Energy Inc. is set to be the first company to export gas produced from the shale boom. Dominion Resources Inc. (D)’s Cove Point terminal in September became the fourth U.S. export project to win permission from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to ship LNG around the world. Mozambique is among countries vying with the U.S., Australia and Canada to build mega-LNG projects. Demand for Canadian LNG in China will be strong regardless of the latest deal for a gas pipeline from Russia, said Nigel Kuzemko, chief executive officer of Steelhead LNG, a proposed export project. China’s appetite for gas is probably stronger than some forecasts suggest, Woodside said in May. Second Deal The second gas-supply pact is less attractive to China, and Russia’s OAO Gazprom may need to offer a “serious discount’’ to secure a final deal, according to Alexander Kornilov, an Alfa Bank energy analyst in Moscow. The price in the Chinese contract earlier this year is equal to about $10 per million British thermal units, two Russian officials said in July. China pays about $16 per million British thermal units for LNG, Macquarie said. “The more Russian gas going into China” means the less higher-cost LNG China will import from places like Canada, Reynold Tetzlaff, energy leader for Canada at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Calgary, said by phone. “So we can’t ignore it, that’s for sure. We do need to move quickly or the window starts to close.”
  7. The Walking Dead Thread

    I couldn't stand the Beth episode man. It was weird, felt like a completely different show. All the acting was just a little bit off kilter, and I personally don't think Beth is a strong enough character (or Emily Kinney a strong enough actor) to carry an episode. At least this episode still had the same Walking Dead vibe to it. A generally pointless episode, but well acted and directed. Maybe because I've read the comics I have more of an affinity to Abraham, Eugene and Rosita... Just seems like whenever the show adds a new storyline in to scheme of things it is poorly executed.
  8. Nicki Minazi's new music video

    So inspirational :')
  9. The Walking Dead Thread

    This episode was a lot better than the Beth one...
  10. Andy Dick Arrested for Grand Theft Necklace

    Dick move.
  11. Macaulay Culkin found dead at age 34
  12. Ovechkin Music Video

  13. I say we keep markstrom in the future, and trade sbisa if they play poorly for markstrom in the future
  14. The Walking Dead Thread

    I'm willing to bet money the hunter story ark isn't over man
  15. Mike Milbury says time has come to rid NHL of fighting

    Mike Miblury says time has come for the implementation of mandatory shoes in NHL fighting