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  1. Yo it says in the post this will be on CBC but on my tv it says they are showing the Pittsburgh game. Can someone confirm CBC is in fact showing this?
  2. Ok, so I feel obliged to clear the air (at least to the best of my knowledge) seeing as i know the victim and am close with many of his close friends. We are not talking about a thug, "crackhead car thief", or bad person by any stretch of the imagination. We are talking about a 19-year old kid. Just graduated. He was about 5'2 and 110 pounds soaking wet, and he was a truly kind person. The story as i've heard it from friends who had been in contact with him that night and a witness goes as such: Jessie was alone and drunk at about 4:30 in the morning. He was trying to find his way to a friends house, and being as he was from out of town, he was lost. Its thought that he was trying to read the address of the house when the man came out and approached him with a baseball bat. He chased him down the block and beat him to death in another persons yard, on a separate street. Now my side of the story may be biased and nobody does or probably will know the whole story.. But to me, self defence and the protection of your property ends when someone is running away in fear. This kid did not deserve to lose his life... And the majority of people defending the murderer in Kamloops are the very same people who are complaining about the increased violence and crime rate in the area. Murder is a crime and by supporting a murderer, you are no different than a criminal. You are part of the problem
  3. any good streams? pm? thanks
  4. Heard rumours of him delving into the white stuff back in Windsor. Never really thought too much of it cause recreational use really isn't that uncommon around that age, I guess I just thought he would clean up his act in order to be a proffessional athelete. Sad to hear and I hope he can recover from this. A sober Kassian can be a force in this league.
  5. I have a question about watching Canucks games. I won't have access to TV for a while and will most likely be working during the majority of games. Is there any websites or anything that would show the game after it already happened? Is NHL Gamecenter the only option? Any third party websites (PM me)? Thanks :}
  6. Are there any links i can watch on my iphone lol
  7. They did it with Andrea and now they did it with Beth. They bring a character nobody cares about to the forefront, devote an entire story arc to them, and kill them at the end of it all so they can say they killed a major character. Everything just seemed so forced. This whole segment has been awkward and I can't say I'm remotely shocked they killed off Beth. Well, on the bright side, no more Beth.
  8. I couldn't stand the Beth episode man. It was weird, felt like a completely different show. All the acting was just a little bit off kilter, and I personally don't think Beth is a strong enough character (or Emily Kinney a strong enough actor) to carry an episode. At least this episode still had the same Walking Dead vibe to it. A generally pointless episode, but well acted and directed. Maybe because I've read the comics I have more of an affinity to Abraham, Eugene and Rosita... Just seems like whenever the show adds a new storyline in to scheme of things it is poorly executed.
  9. This episode was a lot better than the Beth one...
  10. jesus
  11. I'm willing to bet money the hunter story ark isn't over man
  12. I would buy a ticket to Contact just to see Griz and Gramatik.
  13. that's pretty funny i think
  14. On the EA forums rammer has been answering a lot of questions in regards to NHL 15... sort of. BeLEAFer95 wrote:Please answer whether editing players and sim to next shift will be patched in or if they will be NHL 16. At this point, we're not 100% sure. Just trying to be as honest as possible. -rammer edit: link to thread
  15. Are the Be A GM changess on the old gens the same as the next gens? Like obviously theres no drafting, but if they implement that eventually and the simulation is as rad as old gen then maybe this game is worth a wal-mart gift card