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  1. no way we getting Kovalchuk too expensive

  2. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    lol @Krog and Pettinger as substitutes.
  3. Anyone have any idea how many 'members' exist on CDC? Secondly, we need to make the others 'contribute' to the total on the clutch burrows thread.

    1. drunkmunky88


      68 950 members

    2. Sully2Cool


      whoa thats all lot of Members

  4. wishes he had made it onto the first page of the "Burrows? do we really want him?" thread

  5. anything good on TV tonight?

    1. SpinDrive


      Some sort of hockey game I think.

  6. Anyone know where the Armchair GM category went?

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Maybe the mods are tired of sifting through the bad proposals.

    2. canuck2xtreme


      Shut down until after the playoffs

    3. STOP asking for Kovalchuk

      STOP asking for Kovalchuk

      Haha that's fair... no one should be thinking trade for awhile, and it probably clutters the servers. Thanks!

  7. Banned the user above you

    Banned for being too proud of one's own culture.
  8. i can certainly understand that....i've got to know( but not really know several posters and i enjoy our light hearted banter about the canucks and sometimes xmas a send each poster in my friends list a merry xmas wish;;;;and others do too.....sometimes we see eye to eye and other times our views clash, but regardless, i respect them all. same goes for the players......cheers

  9. Haha, well I am sorry I was a little quick to defend my privacy. I guess I just don't want my age/gender to play a role in how people view my posts maybe? So that I remain a neutral party so to speak.

    But I agree for the most part I like the idea of this place being a collective voice of the fan base of the Canucks. I do enjoy basketball, but unfortunately I was actually born qu...

  10. i like to think that we are all one big family and at least some of us can friends...being incognito is a free choice and i can respect that.....i was just trying to be friendly but obviously i need to mind my own business....have a nice you play basketball? would be around my dad's age if he was still alive.....sorry for being so nosey.....

  11. What is this, facebook? Why that information would matter to any pseudoperson on this site is beyond me...

    But for the record, I am seven feet tall, bald, was born in 1894, have wanted to be a boy ever since I was five, and my interests include dating people who post on CDC. But hey we are all Canucks right?

  12. welcome he/she must be tough not knowing how old you are....

  13. Nice post on jealousy in the God Thread.

  14. Trying to pretend like you are a new member just to get replies. *sigh