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  1. JB did help assemble the Bruins team that dismantled us in the Finals with a combination of grit, skill and team toughness (and $&!#ty refs lmao) so I'm excited to see the evolution of this squad in the next 2-5 years... the future looks bright!
  2. Worst natural disaster in the history of BC?? Not a single life has been taken. I feel you're not doing justice to events that are actually worthy of that title. We've been on fire for what... 2 days? Get a grip. I'm sure he'll address the situation soon but he may have had a couple busy days. Also I'm sure he's laughing off the praise from Trump just as everyone else is
  3. "I'm not smart enough to figure out that the Canucks are simply signing a few players to fill out the roster and challenge the younger players to earn their spot on this team instead of throwing them all in to the fire and watching them burn and that of these assets they've acquired at least 2 or 3 of them or our existing veterans can be flipped at the Trade Deadline for picks and prospects (a la Burr and Hanson) and because I don't understand this the Canucks are LOSERS" -Jeff O'Niell
  4. I missed the part where they said the rebuild was over... I hardly think these signings were meant to bring us the Cup this year. Did you really think we were going to throw all of our youth in to the fire and watch them burn. These signings are bridging the gap between our aging core and our wealth of young talent which may still be a couple years away from being NHL ready. They are also all assets whose value at the trade deadline could bring us picks and prospects and continue to stock those cupboards. At the very least what transpired today should keep us entertained during the rebuild as we wait to be competitive again. I'm down with that.
  5. The players signed today might not be All Stars but they are the kinds that can be flipped at the deadline for picks and prospects a la Hanson and Burr. This is exactly what we needed to do. Keep it up JB!!
  6. Canucks vs Kings Top 5 memories

    What a great series! Here, in my opinion, are the Top 5 memories of our round 1 match up..... 5) Comeback Kids- The Canucks may have been down but were never out. Trailing 2-1 early in the series as well as staging 2 third period comebacks shows that this group has the poise and perseverance that it takes to be a true contender. Of course after 11 comebacks in the regular season, I think the Canucks have the confidence and 'never say die' attitude it takes to make a believer out of even the harshest skeptic (spector) 4) Testicular Fortitude- Considering that a good portion of our squad is euros, one might think that we could be bullied into submission, but even with a depleted D-core and an abundance of skill players, the Canucks showed that They will not cower. Edler has been a huge presence. SOB played with raw emotion but managed to stay out of the box and Rypien again showed why he is the best pound for pound pugilist in the league. 3) Twin Magic- The knock against the Sedin's has always been that they were too soft and disappeared when it counted.... apparently someone forgot to tell them. The brother's ascent into elite players has been a joy to watch in the regular season and any doubts about whether or not they could carry it into the playoffs appear to be answered. They are the real deal, and the best one-two punch in the league. And then there's..... 2) Samuelsson- A proven winner who is playing like he still has a lot to prove. Tying Bure's record for most goals in a series (7) and saying all the right things, Samuelsson seems to be exactly what the Canucks (and more specifically, Sedins) needed. Jacking him from Detroit, as well as Ehrhoff from San Jose, have proven to be two of the biggest steals in the league last summer. Well played Gillis.... well played indeed 1) Bobby is back- Even though Luongo struggled through parts of the season (and games 2 and 3), there was no reason to belive that he wouldn't return to form. Bobby Lou has been a premier goaltender in this league for the last decade. There was never much doubt on if he would pick up his game, just when... and guess what baby, Bobby is Back! You know when you mention "The Save" and at least three absolute beauties come to mind, we are witnessing something special. Number 1 on our team, in our hearts, and on my list. Anyways, those are a few things that stuck out to me in Round One, and I've got a hunch Round Two is going to bring out the best in these boys. Let's keep those memories coming! GO CANUCKS GO