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  1. lmfao band of brothers my ass. ELPRESSS

  2. Yeah, it's from Band of brothers. Great miniseries.

  3. I like your username. Did you get it from that show Band Of Brothers?

  4. Bieksa u are a great player. Your ahead of Erhoff for me this offseason.
  5. Bieksa you really are.......…an important part in this series
  6. Bieksa is a boss.
  7. yeah im the last viewer cause i asked her how to bring down my warn status, ya dig ? hah

  8. lol i saw debra anthonys page, you were the last viewer ahgahhah

  9. i no rite so gaay.

  10. not really.. this crap is gay as frack still

  11. back on the cdc forum daily grind i see? 4000 by......August sounds about right. ahah

  12. so whats the deal with this job how can you " apply " ? is there a website or something i can go to and apply ?
  13. i had a thread just for the last topic because it deserved one, but it was put into this one