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  1. Couldn't agree with you more on every post you made. Tortorella was not the coach for this team but he was Bang On about the character of most of this team. Stale and uninspired. The way The Flames played is exactly how you should be playing this time of year. They showed grit and intensity which was fueled by enthusiasm and desire. Perfect example is Game 6. Down 0-3, came back and outworked The Canucks. That's not luck. The skills on this team are adequate but the speed and inspiration is gone. It's hard to admit but trade and buy out players to make room for young and excited players.
  2. I'm fine with Kassian. There's definitely a big difference in caliber compared to Hodgson but it's done. The main problem which I hope he will improve on is his responsibility. He gives the puck up non-chalantly sometimes. He got burned twice last game vs EDM. I personally don't expect much from Kassian and he seems like a career 3rd liner. With a couple decent prospects coming up, it might even better for him to be slotted as a permanent 4th liner.
  3. Kind of off topic but you have a cool picture, nineteenlove.
  4. Wow, thanks for all the updates guys. I probably did miss the Burrows injury update on Sportsnet. I remember the last guy who got hit in the throat was from Montreal a while back. I think it career ending? That's why I thought it was very serious. Luckily the puck fluttered and Stoll didn't get crisp contact, otherwise it would have been much worse. If Burrows missed the rest of the regular season it would be understandable. I'm pretty sure we can still get the NW Division.
  5. Maybe I missed the part where they talked about Burrows injury situation but is Burrows OK? It looked like it hit his throat instead of the chin.