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  1. Botching Up.. The Effort to Get Mason Raymond Traded

    Thank you, very well written and articulated blog!! Botchford's article left me with such a negative feeling, but sadly it didn't come as as a surprise since he has been spouting derogatory comments In Raymond's direction for a long time now. It is disappointing when a member of the media takes their opinion to a personal level, and that is the vibe I get from this piece [substantiated by comments he has made on the Province's live chat]. As fans we are all entitled to our opinions, but you would expect the media to act with more professionalism, What I find most distasteful is how one article has now taken off like wildfire and everyone has jumped on the 'Canuck's moving Raymond' bandwagon. Botchford now gets to sit back and think what a great job he just did, unfortunately it is at one of our young player's expense.