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  1. I played Rugby. He was most likely a winger because a Flanker is generally not given the ball at the amateur levels. Flankers job is to just hit and punish people all game long.
  2. Website for World Juniors Pool

    Yeah thats what i have been doing over the years... Was hoping maybe something was finally out for it. Well thank you anyways!
  3. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I don't know how this became a Wellwood talk but on that subject... I 100% agree with this comment! Wellwood may not have been the hardest working player, the fastest player, in shape (he was rounder than most), but he did have tremendous talent. The guy was a smooth skater, with some decent vision, a nice release and above average puck handling skills.
  4. that second line of Winnik - Kadri - Santo has been money as of late. Secondary scoring is finally stepping up and its nice to see another Canadian team excel. The more Canadian teams in the playoffs the better. #bringthecupbacktoCANADA
  5. Hey, I host a world juniors pool every year with some friends and this would be my 4th year now. Currently I use excel and vlookup to keep track of stats and such, but I was wondering if anyone has encountered a website or something that keeps track of stats and players for you, kind of like NHL Hockey pools ( is what we use at work for playoffs). Excel tends to be tedious and i dislike updating stats everyday during the holiday season. I personally over the years have yet to find a website that does this but if anyone else has one and would like to share that would be awesome. Thank you!
  6. Trade Advice

    Yeah didnt end up making a trade. Though i got an interesting new purposal. Giving up Patrice Bergeron Receiving Jeff Skinner I feel carolina sucks, but they can only suck so long. Figure this trade may be worth it. Whats your guys opinion on this one.
  7. Trade Advice

    Thanks homie.
  8. Trade Advice

    I feel both Bjustad and Kucherov are a wash, but Toffoli will be good. But then again he does play for LA, who tends not to score very much in the regular season.
  9. Trade Advice

    I am in a 16 person keeper league. The stats used in this league are as follows: Goals: 30pts Assist: 25pts Plus/Minus: 5pts PIMS: 1pt PPG: 5pts PPA: 5pts SHG: 10pts SHA: 10pts GWG: 5pts Faceoffs won: 1pt Faceoffs lost: -1pt Hits: 1 pt Shots on Goal: 1.5pts Blocked shots: 1 pt I was purposed a trade yesterday involving the following: I giveaway: Mark Scheifele Nikita Kucherov I receive: Tyler Toffoli Nick Bjugstad With Kane being injured yesterday, and Kucherov starting the season on the third line/Drouin coming back from injury.. Do you guys think this would be good value for my players? Or would it be too early and I should wait a little longer than 1 game.
  10. "Tanking" our best option?

    Last year the same could have been said. Up until the new year we were a contender. But look where we finished...
  11. [Discussion/Proposal] Chris Tanev

    What exactly is Tanev doing that someone from our top 4 cant do? Tanev is young and good, but as of right now he is expendable.
  12. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    its hard not to get excited for Jensen!
  13. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Agreed Id love me a Loui Eriksson on this team.
  14. Pathrik Westerholm Talk

    WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHT we didnt draft a speedy Michael Schumacher, could you imagine both him and Raymond on a line together! Soo much speeeed!!! But on a side note in my season in NHL 13, mayray leads the league in points on the flames... Shouldve re-signed him.
  15. Frank Corrado Talk

    Honzik is starting to turn it around actually.. So you cant write him off. He may not have stellar numbers but he is still in juniors and has plenty of time to develop.