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  1. ICBC Situation.

    Now they use license plate scanners... able to see all plates and their computer tells them who's expired etc.
  2. Rob do you remember getting your picture taken with a woman between you and Luongo? My wife was wearing a Carolina jersey with Brind'a'mour's name on it.
  3. If he is i want a picture autographed... back a number of years ago at a Panthers game i got a picture with my wife and Luongo and this other little known goalie from across the state... Rob Zepp!
  4. Your favourite NHL teams ranked 1-31

    Mine is fairly simple... 1. Vancouver 2. Winterpeg 3. Maple Laffs 4. Florida 5. Carolina 6. Washington 7. Philadelphia and the rest just throw in a pile lol.
  5. So Vegas odds are given to maximize even betting across the board of teams. They make money from money being bet evenly on every team out there. Right now after Tavares signed there must have been a lot of betting on Toronto so they lower the odds to get a gambler to consider all the other teams. Likewise the Canucks are not getting much interest so they increase the odds to the point where people bet on them as well. This post wasn't directed at you Philip i used it for your own thoughts on it. Many people look at Vegas odds for whatever event and think a team with the worst odds is the worst team etc!
  6. I like these signings today, lets get all the players out there working in camp and see who is ready to play NHL hockey. Then assign who's promising to AHL and flog out the rest who are not players needed.
  7. [Signing] Blues sign F Tyler Bozak [3 year x $5M AAV]

    Agreed! I seen enough of Bozak this year and feel he is declining quickly, glad we didn't choose him.
  8. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Me as well. I'm interested to see if anyone is on the way out this year by trade or Utica assignment etc. I must say i like the two free agents more than previous signings but just want to see what happens to the roster after the season starts.
  9. Should the Capitals trade Ovechkin?

    It's funny looking back now isn't it? A year ago no one in the hockey world knew the right answer to Washington's problems in the playoffs!
  10. How come what don't you like about him?
  11. Quinn Hughes | D

    Did you read the quote from Todd Bertuzzi? I would wager that he can spot how good a player is a little bit better than yourself And he is not calling for Hughes to reinvent the position!
  12. :wacko:

    1. Westcoasting


      Hey what's with the sad face?


  13. Gotcha now! I took your comments way out of context...Cheers!
  14. Oh nice! No i read another previous post with some P.K. comments about his brother and it was two weeks before the draft. No need to get all worked up! "Jordan plays more of a cerebral type of game and is more of a thinker and I play off my instincts and try to do a little bit of everything," P.K. Subban said. "I think Jordan's skill level is much higher than mine. I'm on the ice with him every day during the summer doing skill stuff, and he's the one demonstrating the drill."
  15. Stealth-Renewal Is 100%...Just 1 More Yr of Kamikaze-Descent

    I think the Canucks will be in no-man's land this year. Not good enough to make the playoff list but good enough to be out of a reasonable draft position.