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  1. The only thing dumber is a fan who thinks Slats is still the GM and makes trades for the Rangers!
  2. No he was referring to when Burke was in charge and the team was losing millions which was in the late 90's.
  3. When was it ever good?
  4. Hey dumberboy is this you that wrote "we are in for a rough 4 weeks"? So we should see a big improvement when he comes back in theory... wow you are special!! lol
  5. What's your opinion champ? Are the Canucks going to miss him a lot or is it business as usual?
  6. Not directly but talking about getting lit up for 4 goals a game is a pretty strong statement.
  7. So we are going to see a huge improvement in goals against once Edler is back is what you are saying correct? This should be interesting...
  8. It should be interesting to see how much of an improved team this will be when he returns, by your thoughts we should be really good.
  9. Burke wasn't around when Arthur owned it, he was hired after.
  10. Should have pulled a Trump and grabbed her by the p...y and threw her sorry azz out the door after the first night.
  11. lol she was a lot like how Gillis was manager. Started out great for the first couple years but then got confused and fuddled along for a couple years until finally i cut my losses and found another who it turns out is a much better fit for my lifestyle.
  12. I don't think he will be traded but it's not like it's impossible and hard to do as folks like yourself keep indicating.
  13. I miss him as much as my ex wife
  14. Lots of really fast skaters over time but as for skaters with a puck... Bure, Coffey, and Bobby Orr. Skating with the puck is completely different. Anybody old enough to watch 1991 Canada Cup? USSR vs Canada, Fedorov is matched up to shadow Gretzky in a defensive role... the guy couldn't come close to Gretzky. Don Cherry showed the highlights of it sometime then and it was shocking how quick and elusive Wayne was. Of course in open ice Wayne wasn't... No one ever could skate as fast as Bure and then move laterally 5 feet in an instant while carrying the puck!
  15. Just consider Garrison who had no desire to leave anywhere.... If a team wants it done, and a player wants to continue playing... it will get done.