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  1. Why is anything an issue if both sided agreed to this while making the collective agreement?
  2. I think he is there for the next two seasons, after that his salary drops by 3.3 mill for 2018 and then a couple more mill the next season. I can't imagine him playing just for the fun of the game and getting a bit over 1 mill per season. I don't think we will see him play for 3 something million even.
  3. But he was fried out of his bean on blow so it's kinda tough to judge those four years!
  4. Pat Quinn Trevor Linden Stan Smyl Tiger Williams Harold Snepts Greg Adams Geoff Courtnall Willie Mitchell Jyrki Lumme Ed Jovanovski
  5. I can't imagine he has any value right now. Multiple years of no shows makes for a quick career.
  6. Maholtra had probably 10 years nhl experience though, Mitchell played a couple seasons before he was an alternate. I think its early to make Gudbranson an Assistant C, maybe in a couple years.
  7. Well before i posted i found the article...it was not copy and paste but it certainly was plagerism at its finest. I don't really care but i called him out on it and he claims it's his own thoughts.... lol. When you go through his posts and see how he writes...then this comes along and you can see there is no way he wrote it. I think it's hilarious myself!
  8. Teemu Selanne should be a lock one would think.
  9. To me a franchise player is someone who will not be traded unless they want to be traded. Meaning in the end they end up serving their team for a long time possibly their whole career. It's not something that is based upon goals and assists, however it could well include that. Bob Gainey comes to mind on Montreal as a guy who was not flashy or scored a lot of points, but leadership and dedication to the game was everything. Stan Smyl is another one who is not so obvious.
  10. yeah I'm sure.
  11. No but who predicted this... no one did. You just never know what will happen till the season is halfway done and even then some teams surprise.
  12. Now i agree with you.... but just look at Calgary last year. After the previous year and with trades everyone thought they would take another step forward last year. Instead they missed the playoffs. It happens.
  13. I can't imagine that.
  14. Not sure i would call Larionov underrated... before the NHL he was the centre of KLM line which was widely regarded then (probably now too) as the best line ever. Keep in mind him and Krutov were not the same players when they came over here.