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  1. I think we are going to have 2 careers mirrored the whole time! Both amazing talents
  2. Why on earth would Ottawa want that as a return for an NHL player?
  3. Was it really that important to argue this and to post the wrong list twice? Chill brother!
  4. What?? The second best loser?... The Canucks should waive him soon, he can't win a damn thing!!
  5. Maybe that's why he's taking so long to get his butt over here... mentally preparing himself for Utica!
  6. Let's put everyone in!! Gold participation badges for everyone as well.
  7. How did you arrive at this conclusion?
  8. Well you certainly have the right username with knowledge like that!
  9. Yeah i haven't heard a thing about his recovery and how it is going. If he feels anything i am with you thinking he should wait till next year.
  10. Well Benning himself said he will look for a top six forward so if one is found, something has to give.
  11. Its really rewarding to see how perseverance and hard work pays off, not everyone can make the jump and make it in the NHL. I thought for the last couple years he might be trade bait for a high end player as Virts cap hit is cheap and his potential has always been there. Now i think it's way past that point as he is showing his value to the team and judging from fans reactions to the games I've been at he's now a fan favourite.
  12. Not "Little things Loui"!!! He is turning into everyones favourite with his empty net goals and good defence
  13. I see a flaw in that your thinking is all messed up! Why would anyone trade for Lui and then a draft pick two years from now. Then need a pick this year and probably a player like Virtanen going back, why else would they trade.