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  1. Before Juolevi was injured Bob Mckenzie was talking about Quinn Hughes and was say how important it was for Hughes to become an NHL dman and mentioned that Juolevi was stalled on development in the defensive area. He did say his offensive work was great but substandard defence work for a NHL player. Basically said the Hughes already had a better defensive game this year as compared to the draft where that was one of the main concerns with him. At the end of the day, who cares... its a prospect and maybe Juolevi takes a few years to be a roster player.
  2. There is not enough said about this! Sutter has turned out to be such a terrible singing in hindsight, he use to be decent defensively but this year he is not that way at all. not to mention his zero offensive output.
  3. I agree with you there and i think if we miss the playoffs next year that a new GM will be along to hire the new coach as well.
  4. He was old but not retirement age, i only remember him for a couple seasons here but he was good!
  5. This summed up the whole signing and duration of Loui in Vancouver and the previous 58 pages of hope and despair!
  6. OJ Simpson? You seriously believe that or is it just fan homerism?
  7. Just the highlighted part tells everyone that you have no clue what you are talking about. Did you just start watching hockey? Linden hired Benning! Until a year ago everything went through Linden before it happened. Maybe you should be blaming Trevor... P.S. opening a twitter account does not make you more credible either.
  8. I was thinking 1995, before that it was such a gongshow to finally get to that point it seemed! Then it was just one more piece to challenge for the cup... lol.Since then it's been the same thing, get good, lose in the final and then look for a winning piece of the puzzle only to lose everything and start all over again!
  9. Hopefully he's gone this summer and we won't have to worry about him!
  10. That is the problem though. Then they have to expose a prospect and risk losing him rather than having Edler exposed and probably wouldn't be chosen anyways in the Expansion draft.
  11. I would almost be betting on Christmas with JB... Either a noticeable team improvement or he is gone. And i like the guy!
  12. Can we send a few of our guys there?
  13. I think there is going to be a big trade this off season. A big name for a big time defender. I just think something different has to happen, can't just wait for draft picks to make a team better. Defence is one of the biggest parts lacking and they need help now but it will cost them a good player.
  14. Pretty impressive campaign for him this year, another year of Junior could really show some more growth from his game.