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  1. Bracket was here long before Linden was Pres
  2. I didn’t notice one hit with force, more of a Sedin type hit. I don’t see him as a solution going forward, I bet signed and traded in the next year or two
  3. Won’t cost much but doesn’t do much either!
  4. You are close but I just wanted to let you ( or anyone) know that JB was scout for Buffalo then he was hired as director of player personel for the Bruins until Gorton was canned a year later, then Benning was named asst. gm.
  5. I honestly feel that the earlier in life you quit worrying about what people think of you... the better off you are. Work is different, you dress accordingly to what a boss wants.
  6. Yeah i just said i don't think he's coming back or he would have signed a new contract already. No idea if he is upset, no idea if he is not valued. I assume again they value him or they wouldn't offer a new contract.
  7. I would assume as he is still under contract. But i think the contract is done in june isn't it?
  8. Does anyone think Brackett is coming back? I don't, where there is smoke there is fire and someone who has taken all this time and not signed is not coming back. Too bad it was a good gig while it lasted but times up.
  9. Did you forget about Herter from the Quinn era, drafted top ten... pp qb on defence etc! Top 10 pick... ugh i still remember listening to the Dan Russel show interviewing someone at the time and they were going on about how good he was. Sigh...
  10. Is the fire Green bandwagon still rolling or did the wheels fall off with hockey suspended?
  11. Now you've really baffled him!
  12. I think this is the most accurate of all answers out there... Green is fine right now, next year as long as the team looks like a playoff team he will be fine. If they start horribly then the clock starts ticking!
  13. Yep and the league wanted them to knock 2 years off the deal and make it 10 but smug Gillis refused and then the league investigated. I wonder what would have happened if they just complied with the NHL instead of going off to obvious cap circumvention.