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  1. Nothing that he hasn't recovered from though, not like his career is in jeopardy.
  2. I don't want a fighter i want toughness. I'm tired of watching the defence wave their sticks at the puck when a simple bodycheck and try to send a guy to the ice would do wonders around the net.
  3. There were definitely less fans in the Keenan period, despite seeing empty seats at a game back then it was really noticeable.
  4. Remember game 5 (maybe game 6?) and his overtime goal? Just a beauty Courtnall was.
  5. Willie will be... it will be a picture of him being dropped off at the airport!
  6. Care to explain more, none of this makes any sense.
  7. I know Benning played with Linden but pretty sure he was gone by the time Bure got here.
  8. Why is Nolan high risk?
  9. And Willie
  10. Yeah Dorsett and Rodin will make the difference for sure.... You think they will re-sign Rodin next year? I think he is done and will move on.
  11. Awesome, thank you... yeah i used to watch a lot of junior games but don't have the time or location now.
  12. Based on what? On what you have read or do you get to see games.
  13. You are but so are the posters that believe not much will change. I know you say "how can we be any worse" but if the Canucks get 75 points next year, you are right but it can hardly be called an improvement. If miller doesn't sign here i think a drop is possible.
  14. Just on his AHL season this year, tongue in cheek there. Seriously i don't think he will be that low but i'm not sure he will be a 20 goal scorer either. Mind you i didn't see Yakupov as a fringe player either... Where do you see him in the future?