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  1. It was just random talk about life, nothing revealing about health... he just said he was good to go and then talked about the Canucks moved on without him. Here is an article that might answer some questions, https://www.nhl.com/kings/news/mitchell-out-to-prove-hes-healthy/c-536590
  2. He was good to go at the start of free agency, after the Canucks didn't offer anything more than a year Mitchell took the summer off to enjoy life. I met him up at a lodge in Rivers Inlet and he was just living life for the summer. He had zero hard feelings towards the Canucks though as he knows it is just a business decision... super nice guy he is. I went up to Port McNeil a couple years later when he had the Cup there... he remembered meeting me and had a brief chat about fishing again. People make a big deal out of Gillis not signing him again but imagine the shot show that would have happened if Willie got a concussion the next season and had to retire!
  3. Who has Liljegren ranked so low? All i've seen is him in the top 7.
  4. HIs game 7 performance in 2003 against the Wild will always be a bad memory!
  5. What now? The same thing as every other team who didn't make the playoffs... draft well and keep trying to improve.
  6. I'm old enough to see him play, the guy was a wrecking ball from the get go... points didn't happen, but the guy could play good D and wreck anyone.
  7. That was just a b.s. rumour about him and Kirk's wife.
  8. He showed up in a few games but in reality for most of the season he was just another player. If he had played like a young Chara...like so many hoped, then it would be a huge loss.
  9. Sign them both to one year contracts and ship them off to Utica...
  10. I'm not sure which lawsuit i hate more this one or Steve Moore's.
  11. Watching Detroit this year was not entertaining, should they fire Ken Holland? The team has not been much for a number of years now...
  12. Don't get me wrong i was happy to move on from Nonis, i just have a hard time believing someone can build a cup team in three years. It's like firing Benning right now, sure there are mistakes and this year we finished 2nd last but after 3 years it's too early to tell what is going to happen. Is Tim Murray a good GM or bad Gm or is it just Eichel's bitching about coaching that got everyone fired.
  13. He did deserve more time.
  14. I don't think you have to worry about Aquilini selling off the team.