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  1. Congrats to Lu - moving up in all time wins - Luuuu

    Bring him back after Miller's contract is up!  
  2. Ahmed Builds a Clock

    What a pathetic joke ... and the lawyer who represent them.  The tide of public opinion just dramatically shifted.  
  3. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

  4. NFL thread

    Brady trolling Ryan ...  Tom Brady has some fun, uses 'Rex Ryan!' as a pre-snap call  
  5. He's lucky to get that $4M contract when he did.  Had he waited to be UFA and him performing like this ... he could be relegated to AHL starter.  
  6. Feedback and Bugs

    Would really appreciate the 'New Content' button back!  The new unread content function looks real messy.  
  7. NFL thread

    Giants terrible at clock management at end of games.  
  8. NFL thread

    No way NE makes this field goal ... right? Oh my ... you're kidding me.   Apparently, Gostkowski hasn't missed all year ... 
  9. NFL thread

    Giants making it an exciting finish.  Don't leave too much time on the clock.  
  10. BC Lions

    Wait, the Lions actually made it into the playoffs??
  11. NFL thread

    CBS, can you please switch over to NE and NYG game?  
  12. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    How can you even stay in the ring with a broken jaw in three places ... ouch.  Unless it was broken just moments before she went down, punch, kick to the the head, and a couple more freebies while RR was on the canvas.  
  13. NFL thread

    But he did set NFL record with most yards passing ... ever.   So I guess he can mail it in for one game ... haha.  
  14. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    There goes her dream of retiring undefeated.  Rousey eats some humble pie ... which is good.   I think Rousey's personal life was really a mess, stories about her trainer (mom going off on him), her alleged wife-beating boyfriend (Travis Browne), and then her own beat down of ex boyfriend, etc.  Her head was a mess.  
  15. [PGT] VAN 2 TOR 4

    Every goal in question for Leafs turned out to be good.   Every goal in question for Canucks turned out to be no good.   Wow.