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  1. Good for NYI only if Eberle gets himself out of that funk.
  2. Damn, I really don't want to see Pens repeat!
  3. Nothing to be ashamed of ... Sens took defending champs to double OT ... could have gone either way. Unfortunately, I don't see this happening next year for them.
  4. Feel for Johansen ... never heard of a compartmental thigh before and how serious it is. Great to see him come out in crutches for the team pic!
  5. What will Cavs win by tonight?
  6. Go Sens ... any team but Pittsburgh for the SC.
  7. How come the scheduling in NBA playoffs is so wacked? GS and SA already played 2 games and the East hasn't even started ??!!
  8. Was listening to this on the radio on Sunday ... unbelievable. How do you lose after a 25 pt lead?
  9. Like how Johansen is giving it right back at him ... dirty elbows, shots on the legs, etc. Go Ryan ... Johansen!
  10. Just dropping by and visiting ... I see that it's down to the clam still defending Drumpf ... even the real estate agent HS has been AWOL. Surely HS has come to his senses or ran out of obscure people to retweet.
  11. You know how much? Just curious.
  12. Anyone know the terms, I heard 4 years in the video. How much?
  13. So what are some ways to get that 1C ... without including Weber in the deal?
  14. Taylor Hall is even more saltier about trade now that Oilers advance to 2nd round and Larsson had a great night.