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  1. better edit list...Smith will make the team in goal
  2. and you must be on drugs, cuz the stats don't lie....give YOUR head a shake!!
  3. and that last part sir, is a reality !! All the personal slams but the fact remains, Lou is no longer elite.
  4. because I have played goal up to the International level , coached, tutored, all over a span of 43 yrs....and your credentials are what?
  5. And did you come to the conclusion that I admitted to not having experience or understanding? Here's a bigger shovel, did yourself a deeper hole.
  6. and that's just your opinion. And technical ability can only be debated by those with experience and understanding, and sure not many on this board.
  7. Pretty flawed rationalization! You are assuming that all goalies play in the best leagues, the NHL, discounting those that prefer to stay in their own countries ie Sweden , Russia etc. If you look at Lou from a technical sense, he most certainly is not elite, and statistically, was not last year.In Fact, he had a hard time cracking the top 15 in the NHL.
  8. If you play like tim Thomas it tells us 3 started late, can't skate and have never been to a goaltenders school !
  9. and who did we have that was more reliable defensively??
  10. ...fact remains..he could not stop the necessity to keep pulling your #1 goalie!
  11. in your dreams Overrated
  12. That's what he is now!