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  1. Next Gen Console News - XBOX 720, PS4

    I literally just built a system with those specs for 1300. I did use liquid cooling for the CPU, and added a SSD
  2. Next Gen Console News - XBOX 720, PS4

    $900 pls. "Gaming" is upwards of 1300.
  3. What Are You Currently Playing?

    League of Legends Borderlands 2 TW Shogun 2 Can't wait for AC3, although waiting til November for the PC port is gonna suck.
  4. Gonna be weird going to Uni next year with people younger than me...

  5. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Most likely screenshots of the pc version.
  6. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    This is the best thing since sliced bread. I love your car. Porsches are my favorite cars, my dream one being a '88 911 turbo.
  7. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Drive-by's on a bike, so sick.
  8. Still so long til NHL 13...

    1. Blame Obama

      Blame Obama

      I only played NHL12 for about 30mins, hope this one is better

    2. Pears


      Still one month :(

  9. Banned the user above you

    Banned because you're newer.
  10. Banned the user above you

    Banned for being norts.