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  1. How did he even want to go back ? Basically LA kicked him in the nuts for playing lights out.
  2. An Intelligent Debate on Ancient Alien Theory

    One idea I actually entertain. Who knows what planetary environment was like on Mars /venus 250 million years ago ? It is a huge stretch but it is possible that intelligent life evolved on say Mars or Venus, lived out its cycle over this time span and just maybe had the ability to hop onto the next lily pad ? Either way we cannot leave our system as FTL travel is impossible. We are stuck in this galactic fish bowl until someone figures out the entrance to a worm hole or invents hyperdrive
  3. Bring back Gully?

    I think you may have forgotten how bad it was when he was here.
  4. Report - Calgary Flames relieve coaches of their duties

    It is absolute bliss listening to fLAMES fans right now They are literally throwing everyone under the bus but the GM ? the guy has driven the team into oblivion and NO ONE is pointing the finger at him ? keep on keeping on CGY : D
  5. WSH vs CBJ is about as intense as it gets right now !

  6. [Report] Drew Doughty suspended 1 game

    Are you serious :D the man is scum and targets people when he gets hit cleanly. He targeted the head and got caught right away. The officials were saying to him on the ice when it happened "Dont worry it will be reviewed" head down LMAO :D
  7. Kinkaid has been unreal this year and the Devils have seen that Schnieds is slightly better than average. Kinkaid should ask for a trade and let the devils twist in the wind :D
  8. [Retirement] The Sedins to retire at the end of the season

    Seeing Dorsette get the game puck was just unreal : D Those Twins are Gold !
  9. Man that Sedin is so good, It looks like there is 2 of them out there !   - Paul Bissonnette tweet after the Twins whopped Ari 6 to 1 -

  10. I signed my organ donor card when I received my license at 18 Always thought if i can save someone on the way out why not : )
  11. They communicate like dolphins. They don’t really talk on the ice. It’s only sounds, and it sounds like dolphins.  - Burr on 12 yrs of playing with  the Twins -

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      So they could be HEROES..just for one(more) day!

  12. Watched the game like 3 times now. Still have goosebumps. Will they come back after a years rest ?

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      3 times?! Wow that is great.  True fan

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      The first time was with a ton of people in the room so i missed alot but i really wanted to see the Sedinery and they gave it to us : D

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Fan hell yes,  True fan ? maybe ?  either way I will miss watching these guys play with such dedication and perseverance to the sport and their team. 

  13. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    lol was referencing only the last photo the one you didnt use but carry on..... as I read through these posts all i see is anger coming out of you and a few others over some extremely usless sh2341 you need a vacation.