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  1. I member
  2. Exactly look at the blue jaclets 4th. Better than some seconds Hartnell Sedlak Gagner
  3. Corrado is useless, Vrbata was worthless at the time and Dallas just effed up. Other than that I agree
  4. I dont hate TO at all I hate the ignorance spread by the eastern media but hey when the majority of the countries pop lives in your province you can expect some favoritism lol. All this Alberta hate is hilarious xD Hate the gov and the system not the people and the province. All the outsiders that have come into he province to help rape it of it's resources come from all the other provinces. The hypocrisy is real. Born and raised in BC family had me move to Alberta in the early 80's a veritable paradise on its last legs as the big booms of the past and present brought in the unemployed eastern Canadians and adventurous Americans. The true Albertan is Canadian gem. Hard working, polite and to the point. Over the years the influx of other cultures and ideals in hopes of fattening their wallets has jaded the entire province from top to bottom. Just had a great conversation with a Malaysian born person who is now a Canadian citizen. Says Albertans are the most polite Canadians yet and has lived in both the eastern and western provinces. I have heard and still hear this from so many visiting foreigners travelers. Blame the gov for allowing the systematic raping of Alberta's resources but dont blame the people for trying to eek out a better life
  5. Live long and prosper : )
  6. Sbisa playing great tonight
  8. Watching SJS vs MTL the refs are a joke. Complete disregard for player safety wow ?

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    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Boarding was called but a 2 year old would have lol but somecrazy cross checks n sticks to the face going completely unnoticed by the zebras it scary actually.

    3. Master Mind

      Master Mind

      The California effect?

    4. Pears


      Refs favour California teams. What else is new. 

  9. Just watch on Sat night there will be another 6-8 games going to OT. It is amazing how the match management goes pretty much unnoticed by the masses.
  10. Honestly I wanna rip a few shots to his bloated ego ! This goof has no class whatsoever.
  11. Some trucks use a very similar system much like a basic electrolysis unit to boos power for heavy loads on hills. More about power rather than economy. edit- also there is another system more like the propane boost on a diesel truck. There are options people just need to learn and experiment more. It's our world to mold and shape into our perfect reality. We all need to get on board and it will happen. They literally have something close to the star trek hypo spray for burn victims now. It is healing insane burns in days not months.
  12. The hydro assist units have been in use in the trucking industry for a quite some time now. Hydrogen assist units can be made for less than 100 actually. If you want to get geared up you could spend thousands. Around 300 will build you a descent unit. are right though on how many will be knowledgeable or even confident enough to attempt it. Yeah say good bye to your new car warranty for sure. As for conspiracy ? meh, the tech has always been there it's just a matter of knowing it exists. Big oil cant stop ideas and eventually the rationale of hydrogen tech will take over. It actually makes the car run much cleaner over all with a significant boost in power if your left foot is itchy lol. The real cost comes from electronics with these newer popular kits. A CHT(cylinder head temp gauge) is a must to tune the mixture. With this in mind new cars are becoming insanely efficient some are getting 900 km to a tank. Honestly I am waiting for someone to perfect or adapt the Peltier devices to everything this will solve all energy problems.
  13. Lots of truth here, I would add one important idea though. Hydrogen assist is about as cheap as borsch and can be added to any internal combustion vehicle in very little time. At the very least it would curb the use of gas buy 50% easily. The transition would be much less violent for the masters that rule the commodities and industries and they could figure out a way to charge us through the hoop for their new tech. Errrrbody wins : )
  14. You are totally right actually.