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  1. Not bad for a bunch of drunks !

  2. Wow Canada forgot to flush the Turd ?  

    1. -AJ-


      Liberals lost a good number of seats though. Definitely trending down.

  3. That will be a seriously aggressive line to watch. Horvat and Ferland will be a total handful on the same line. Pearson could seriously benefit from some open ice .
  4. Easier said than done obviously but make better deals for better players. Top priority is stop picking up reclamation projects from other teams. WE seem to grab one or 2 outcasts every year to bolster the roster. I really do think the 3 added big boys will make a difference in this regard making it harder to play against us. Hopefully the team plays a much stronger game all around and it can translate into GOALS.
  5. This fanbase is in mediocrity mode(oiler mode) and accepts the meaningful last 5 minutes of play without question. Nucks are 5 players away from contending for anything. Personally I am sick of the lack of scoring and mostly disgusted in the zero pushback in terms of physical play (standing up for our star players) . Bennings injection of size will help but more skilled players who can actually put the puck in the net is what I I am sick of wanting this every year..........
  6. Gino having a positive effect off the ice in so many ways for so many people ! Happy for Ferland he is on a better life path......still makes me sick to my stomach knowing he is in the Blue n green though.... I see Jims idea not bad get stronger, get tougher, get bigger. It better translate into GOALS though. 2014-2015 Nucks GF 236 8th overall 2015-2016 Nucks GF 186 31st overall 2016-2017 Nucks GF 178 31st overall 2017-2018 Nucks GF 218 25th overall 2018-2019 Ncks GF 219 25th overall Year after year see the same result lack of scoring.
  7. Every time EP touches the puck....


    1. Ghostsof1915


      ..... CDC crashes. ;)

  8. Never wanted a player to break out more than Virt ! Cmon Jake light it up this year : D

    1. J-23
    3. luckylager


      Blow the roof off this mother&^@#er

  9. WSH vs CBJ is about as intense as it gets right now !

  10. Man that Sedin is so good, It looks like there is 2 of them out there !   - Paul Bissonnette tweet after the Twins whopped Ari 6 to 1 -

  11. They communicate like dolphins. They don’t really talk on the ice. It’s only sounds, and it sounds like dolphins.  - Burr on 12 yrs of playing with  the Twins -

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      So they could be HEROES..just for one(more) day!