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  1. Good place for steel wool photography?

    Ok just watched youtube tutorial very coo. Post   some results ; D
  2. The Musings of Toni Zamboni

    This really grinds my frakking gears . How was this not a suspension and Landeskogs was ????
  3. Good place for steel wool photography?

    When you say light it up do you mean with flame or just a light source ? Soo dam coool  :D Find a tunnel and step into a portal ! lol  a cool brick back alley maybe ?
  4. NHL to have cocaine testing by end of season

    If a large quantity of alcohol has also been consumed with cocaine, it takes even longer to eliminate- 5 days approximately. It also leads to the formation of a metabolite called Cocaethylene. Benzoylecgonine takes longer to get eliminated. Even if the amount of cocaine was very less, minimum time for it to get eliminated is 4-5 days. Again, if alcohol is also being taken along, then around 25 days or even a month are required for complete elimination of the drug.
  5. NHL to have cocaine testing by end of season

    Lmao pure cocaine is only on the shrub or just recently picked off the shrub. Anyone who thins they are getting clean product are deluding themselves to the highest degree.  
  6. NHL to have cocaine testing by end of season

    Exactly !    Watched this BBC mini series called Amazon (maybe the same one you watched) and in the first or second parts the host travels into the jungles and shows the entire process. It is disgusting.  They look for a fresh water source hand dig a stream to a hand dug pool then they throw a tarp down fill it up with the fresh water then throw countless of packets of bleach down first. Then who knows what else is being tossed in the mix before they throw in the coca leaves. That nasty paste once dried is then sold to the drug lords for basically nothing, then the actual refining process begins.  I love how people actually think they can get clean product ? The initial process right after the leaves are picked and dried is where most of the nasty ingredients are mixed in. A group of Canadians went to  6 music festivals in North America with drug test kits and offered to test anyone's stash that was willing.  Well over 90 % of all the drugs they tested right on camera were not what the user purchased. Almost all the E was bath salts ?  Some people were like "i don't care, i don't want to know it is bad"   ???   let the stupids weed themselves out  I guess. Watch this it will blow your mind. Please CDC if you are using fine, but get yourselves a test kit It WILL save your life or the life of a friend.    
  7. have i grown to hear the healing of the stars?

     : )  
  8. Ahmed Builds a Clock

    Actually all valid points Tort's especially the last 2 parts.   But what many fail to realize is Ahmed was walking around with this all all day showing it  to people then all of a sudden....    
  9. For the "Lets Tank" Crowd

    I am not even joking I think the mere suggestion of tanking is preposterous ! lol but after the Jekyll n Hyde performance we have seen so far (blah blah injuries blah) I actually am  beginning to wonder.
  10. What's Your Favorite Beer?

     I spotted it in the local store here in Calgary had to try it.  I never buy cans, there were no bottles but seriously.........      
  11. NHL to have cocaine testing by end of season

    I dont doubt you have experience and i am not saying you cant do it, everyone has a choice to do anything in life. I have done my fair share and am no saint so to speak. Lets be real here unless you are typing this from the jungle or know Pablo himself you can't get clean blow son lol.  There are countless documetaries with actual video footage of how the leaf is processed from harvest in the mountains to the transport to your corner. The harvesters turn it into the paste and that initial process is as filthy as you could imagine. Where they process the coca into that paste is a toxic nightmare in the jungle that takes decades to reverse by nature. This goes for everything smokes, liquor(especially), drugs, food(people have no clue) certain activities are addictive, objects even ?  IF you use every day, you are addicted dont kid yourself. If you binge on the weekends even mildly you are addicted you just dont know it. I have seen the weekend warrior turn into the full blown cracker. I have also seen the daily user drop it after a decade(super rare case have not seen it twice) It really does depend on the individuals awareness I agree but when that awareness morphs from rational thought to constructing a new society of apes armed with pillows and skittles to spread a message of love: true story you would love this person lol then you have yourself a one way ticket to hell.  
  12. What are you listening to?

    This ones for you slickjim23      
  13. NHL to have cocaine testing by end of season

    Exactly this DEb.  Having initiated an intervention for a very close friend I learned more than I care to about cocaine. For some it can take a single line and their lives are ruined.  Pre existing mental, physical, emotional or psychological conditions will compound any problems that will arise.   
  14. NHL to have cocaine testing by end of season

    I am sorry I have sat back quietly but can no longer. Your high school parking lot understanding of Cocaine is laughable at best.      Please educate yourself If you actually had even the slightest understanding of the drug you would realize there is no clean coke unless you are the harvester of the coca leaf and make it yourself.  Every gram that comes into this country has been adulterated (stepped on or cut) to make less into more.  This is drug dealing 101. These chemicals they cut the coke with are obviously bad and cause a host of other problems.  To say leading a healthy lifestyle while using coke will not make it as bad shows your complete lack of understanding of human physiology and the affects of hard drugs on the body. If you think you can trust a coke dealer to give you so called clean product then I think I have my answer to your blind statements.  
  15. Ahmed Builds a Clock

      Anyone who thought this was a bomb should be psychologically evaluated. Sorry but this was Islamophobia in full effect. It is not surprising considering the country and level of education and lack of rationality that this occurred.  It would take a full blown retard 2 seconds to realize it was not a bomb. Yeah the family made a big deal but i sure as hell would have too.