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  1. The Calgary Flames

    I disagree Alf, Monahan is the better player in the long run. Stronger, better ice vision. Gudreau will not last at this pace. He will eventually get rocked and good > ) message to flames fans on Gullatzan
  2. I cant wait to seethe thousands of illegal grows popping up in every city : ) oh wait that is now ? so imagine when they decriminalize/legalize lmao . The first 6 months will be chaos for law enforcement trying to stop illegal grows. Humans are idiots and will ruin everything we can. I still dont believe it for one second. It keeps getting tabled and we keep hearing promises. I know so much has been put into place that it seems liker there is no turning back, but i just think #Turdeau is lying through his rat teeth.
  3. Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Pedestrian

    My solution is driver education would be much more intensive. Actual road time in dry, wet, snow conditions. Like say a minimum of 25 hours of road testing through out the first year of learners driving. Driving is privilege not a right and should be treated as such. A vast majority should not drive and cannot drive for various reasons, obviously that is why we have public transit, which is obviously extremely inadequate but that is another topic entirely.
  4. Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Pedestrian

    1 million % Yes humans are better at anticipating the unexpected.....which happens about every 15 seconds on the road. If you are ok with a robot driving you down the freeway at 100 kmh be my guest. If roads were on magnetic rails and we could not actually hit one another only for mass transit and direct route travels then i am ok with it.
  5. Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Pedestrian

    I am so sad that someone had to die to prove the point we were all wondering and anticipating. Driver less cars are about as useful as injecting Drano. We do not need driver less technology we need driver education.
  6. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

    Aberlour (18yr old to be exact)
  7. The Calgary Flames

    i would commit seppuku
  8. The Calgary Flames

    The team is dumpster fire it is an absolute joy to watch and even more entertaining listening to their fans moan about every aspect of their team. Especially their coach :D
  9. Flames media just absolutely torched their team during second intermission : D

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    2. Alflives


      I just heard John Shannon (650 radio hockey insider) saying the top minute guys on the Flames - not Giordano - are Point hounds, who sacrifice their defensive responsibilities to get points.  He mentioned Monaghan and Gudreau as two young guys who behave like they’re entitled.  

    3. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      And people wanted gulutzan to take over once upon a time XD

    4. Xbox


      @Brad Marchand @ReggieBush That's a perfect outcome. Praying to the hockey gods.

  10. Jake's Contract..Looks Like What???

    Wow i didn't know this, well then sign him cheap and make him perform for his food : )
  11. NHL agrees to new goalie interference procedure

    So another set of old tired eyes trying to make a bad call look good. Way to go NHL you fixed'r gud !
  12. [UPDATED] Serial Bomber In Austin Texas

    I will admit I lean towards the ignorance is bliss attitude when it comes to world news riff...........we are becoming comfortably numb in the west
  13. [UPDATED] Serial Bomber In Austin Texas

    Why I dont waste a single minute on any mainstream news or TV except the drug of Hockey of course ! Honestly in the time it took to type this, 30 people have been stabbed, 200 shot, 50 driven over and at least 50 tons of explosives has been dropped or detonated somewhere : ( How much do we want/need to know ?
  14. IDK about 6 months, I think 30 days would really snap some into attention though. Or even a 24hr for the first minor infraction. Either way something needs to be done to get peoples eyes and focus to stay on the task of driving : )
  15. Creating a Story 1 word at a time