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  1. Hopefully they dont have a Ripley on board
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets

    Because BROCK IS A BEAST
  3. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    I am fed up with people just stuffing their faces with so much spoonfed garbage they cant open their eyes and see BLATANT match management in ALL sports. REfs not responsible for the loss but made dam sure in the second to put 3 PP back to back for WPG to make sure we could not climb out of the hole. Do you know how much money is gambled in PRO sports. Just think about it rationally for a second.
  4. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    No, WPG is a great team I did not expect to win, but if you cannot see CLEAR and PRESENT Game management in EVERY game for every team you are blind.
  5. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    Sorry it IS a league wide issue and Game management is real. Just because you fail to see it doesnt mean it is not happening.
  6. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    lol riight an right after vanek beaked at the ref for missing his trip everyone in the arena saw we got called again ? for what ? Fly swatting ? Perfect Game ? are you serious they cant call a perfect shift !
  7. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    leafs lol?
  8. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    WE are all sado masochists
  9. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    Sign Haley !!
  10. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    Makes really wonder if there is other hands pulling the strings
  11. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    Vaneks chirp after he was tripped at center really rustled the refs jimies
  12. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    Vanek should BErtuzzi the ref next time he skates by
  13. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    THe refs are unf!@#$ %ing believable
  14. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

  15. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    Dude is light speed