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  1. Sure but can they play the big minutes if we loose one of our top 2 for an extended period ?
  2. Last sentence makes zero sense to me ? not sure what you mean ? Hillary shows that she is part of the old boys club and the current direction will not change. That alone makes people run into trumps waiting arms. Seriously though trump is merely a tool to make sure Hilary is voted in. How do people not see this ? She will win, things will stay the same and four years down the road if she is not towing the party line she will be replaced with someone that will.
  3. I agree 100% here, we all have our worldly desires and generally want the same things. Just drop the pretenses and live. We are all humans.
  4. Futz makes a very valid point Rod admit it. You make one as well. Many Americans are sick of the ways things have been done and want anything but what they have seen. Do you honestly think Trump is what they want to see ? Do you not see Trump is just there so people vote for Hillary ? He is a patsy in every sense of the word. Yes he has one or two good ideas but can you honeslty sit there and say to me He is the better choice ?
  5. I agree mostly but would add Hillary is really not the lesser of the two evils. Status quo in America is not acceptable there must be change. There are other candidates though, media has chosen to latch on to a Buffoon and a shyster. Media has some how convinced people these two turds are actually viable candidates ? I feel for the Americans who want change and progress, It will not come anytime soon with either at the helm.
  6. Miami Vice is GOAT
  7. Live in Canaduh dont give a rats a55 about Hillary or trump, but keep beating your chest someone might care.
  8. Your clear lack of reading and comprehension is astounding ?
  9. as opposed to the millions of uneducated masses that will support Hillary who will just continue Americas war mongering ways ? Both are complete and utter scum why bother just pointing the finger at Trump ?
  10. Great read : ) Lost my ma in May, hasnt fully hit me yet........... Sounds like your typical hard working sacrificing to the bone mother. These women like Mrs. Ryan will continue to carry the burden of many families usually in silence. Hug your mom if you still can.
  11. A bee stung me in the ear daaaaaaaam xO

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  12. lol how are those throw backs for Buffalo ? Lafontaine was like the Porsche 911 of the NHL.
  13. How this question makes me feel