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  1. @Master Mind I have the touch of sh.. so I'm not surprised lol
  2. thanks @Master Mind
  3. A sincere thank you to Master Mind, Captain Azzy and of course GM somethingvery from the Chicago Blackhawks. Colorado received a truckload of talent in return for Erik who is easily going to be a top 6 forward in the league. Primarily we have added serious depth to our club while acquiring Riley(Barber) who was a player hot on our radar. He was paramount to the deal. We wish Erik all the best and thank him for his time here in Colorado. edit - how do I Link members in posts ?
  4. Heh I see my couch but is it really there ?
  5. Yeah i was hoping for extra cheese tonight ?
  6. What Alf looks like without makeup ?
  7. where my buddy is at right now lol
  8. Yeah I forgot those pontoons would not fair too well on the foliage !
  9. Well I hope it's a clean landing strip !?
  10. Question.... is it a Boeing or Cessna ?