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  1. Great read : ) Lost my ma in May, hasnt fully hit me yet........... Sounds like your typical hard working sacrificing to the bone mother. These women like Mrs. Ryan will continue to carry the burden of many families usually in silence. Hug your mom if you still can.
  2. A bee stung me in the ear daaaaaaaam xO

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      lets hit up the LC, bud. that'll numb the pain

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      I was tryin to bee all nice n sh... but he wasnt havin it lol  

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      Have you not heard the fable of "the fox and the scorpion"?  

  3. lol how are those throw backs for Buffalo ? Lafontaine was like the Porsche 911 of the NHL.
  4. How this question makes me feel
  5. Just buy a whip in the states, cars are cheap like borsch : D
  6. writers standards are at an all time low. The Vancouver piece by Cutler Klien is laughable at best : D

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      Can I see it?

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      Is even relevant after they changed the whole design into complete garbage?

  7. Not everyone follows the good book like your PA did. The majority is the contrary and you know it.
  8. It is a sad fact Riff. My entire life nearly 100% of the people around me have been forced at one point(usually from birth) in their lives to follow the family code/religion. Ask any first generation Canadian and they will tell you this the case. It really, really sucks dude but its true for the most part. I was raised in a catholic family and managed to cast off the fairytales because my dad was the only one in the family that did not accept his early forced ideologies. He left home a 13 because he could no longer rationalize how everyone around him were blind followers. Go to Europe now nothing has changed. Religion is the staple of most households. South America the same, Asia the same. They have re ignited the continual 2000 year old war between the Muslims and the Catholics in the heart of Europe in Poland where the faith is very strong. They are using history as their main indoctrination tool. As most societies do. For those that were not force fed faith before they could eat solid food it is a deep scar that has lasting affects on your life.
  9. What are you talking about ? He is 100% correct. The indoctrination of the whole of humanity is what all religions are about. They start when you pop out of the womb for all religious followers. IMAGINE a young impressionable mind allowed to grow without fear of persecution or death by demons and fantastical deities ? Could you imagine the speed at which society would advance ?
  10. Had some real gud looks on the PP last night, just couldn't score : (

  11. The only true answer.
  12. I would not ignore them, I would ask on what grounds ? while maintaining a soft demeanor becasue I dont want to get my face smashed in honestly. But if you must know proper procedure goes something like this To arrest or detain on suspicion of a crime in the US 1: The officer must personally observed a crime 2: The officer has probable cause to believe that person arrested committed a crime 3: The officer has an arrest warrant issued by a judge. In Canada A police officer can arrest where: 1: there is reasonable grounds a person has committed an indictable offence; 2: there is reasonable grounds a person is about to commit an indictable offence; 3: a person is committing an indictable offence; or a person has a warrant out for his/her arrest.