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  1. NO! im so sick of hearing "for the future" "not now" and the whole idea of "rebuild"... we must ice a competitive team each and EVERY year. players improve by playing to compete, not by tanking to get better draft picks for the "future" so many idiots think this way i dont get it!?
  2. i live in Calagry, and i will definitly cheer for Kesler, he'll go beast mode this series
  3. he could have been the difference maker
  4. i li ve in calgary, wearing your canuck gear is risky.. i wouldnt rep canuck gear downtown, you'll be fine anywere else though. theres actully alot of canuck fans here. if they loose prepare for humiliation
  5. lol wtf?
  6. i disagree putting miller in next game, if we loose game 4 with Lack, id say put miller in for game 5 at home.
  7. i believe i heard Benning was really intrested in loui eriksson for our top six, but that was before Verbata was brought in. i still thik that is what Benning wants out of Boston