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  1. lets trade them both because it's the Canucks way.
  2. McCann is as two-way as it gets that draft.
  3. offensive wins games too. Hawks, Boston and LA can all score. Canucks can't.
  4. I would say Curtis Lazar is a better comparison. Nichushkin/Mantha are the big offensive power forwards that are getting a ton of hype. All those guys would cater a much higher return than Bo Horvat right now in trade value.
  5. yeah he is our future offensive 1st liner with his 2 goals in the preseason.
  6. yeah good old canadian kids like Cody Hodgson
  7. besides his presence in size. i didn't even notice him today
  8. a face only a mother could love
  9. Tyreese will be back unless a new token black guy shows up.
  10. whoa! the jaws on that girl in the very bottom!
  11. Arniel needs to go!
  12. Gaunce don't run score up
  13. I think i want a little more from a 1st round pick
  14. Patrick Sharp doesn't belong on that list...
  15. For his size... he needs better numbers.