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  1. I would say Curtis Lazar is a better comparison. Nichushkin/Mantha are the big offensive power forwards that are getting a ton of hype. All those guys would cater a much higher return than Bo Horvat right now in trade value.
  2. yeah he is our future offensive 1st liner with his 2 goals in the preseason.
  3. yeah good old canadian kids like Cody Hodgson
  4. a face only a mother could love
  5. Tyreese will be back unless a new token black guy shows up.
  6. whoa! the jaws on that girl in the very bottom!
  7. Arniel needs to go!
  8. Gaunce don't run score up
  9. I think i want a little more from a 1st round pick
  10. Patrick Sharp doesn't belong on that list...
  11. For his size... he needs better numbers.
  12. looks like Dumba is goign to make it. What a joke. The guy was as terrible at camp as he was at the Summit Series. This is going to be harder for me to want to watch the WJC this year especially with the timezone in which the games is going to play at. NO HOCKEY for me this season.
  13. I like this new token black guy.
  14. someone is gonna die next episode my money is on this irrelevant character: Perfect end to Movember