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  1. nice story!! I have only seen the Nucks in New Jersey and Vegas, both Arena's being amazing compared to Rogers!
  2. Viking clap.. Our new cheer?

    could anybody clarify whether this is an all Scandinavian thing or mainly Icelandic? only ask as being Swiss, the cowbell thing that everybody decided to steal gets very old! thanks
  3. or do that and keep Baertschi??
  4. Dalhousie racially based hiring

    An easy way to fix any of these issues in workplace hiring would be: Candidates sit on the other side of a wall so that the interviewer cannot see what they look like (disabilities, race etc), is not aware of their address or name and even distort their voice so they are aware if they are male or female. The most suitable and experienced candidate is chosen from those interviews. That would be about as fair as it can get would never happen though!
  5. Newark, NJ - The New Jersey Devils today acquired forwards Christoph Bertschy and Mario Lucia from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for defenseman Viktor Loov. All three players involved in the trade are currently playing in the American Hockey League and will be re-assigned to their respective AHL teams. The announcement was made by New Jersey Devils Executive Vice President/General Manager & Alternate Governor Ray Shero. Bertschy, 23, is currently in his third professional season with the Wild organization, having signed a three-year, entry-level deal with Minnesota on Apr. 26, 2015. In 2017-18, the right-shooting forward has scored eight goals and nine assists for 17 points and 40 penalty minutes in 45 regular-season games with Minnesota's AHL affiliate, Iowa Wild. In 2017-18, the native of Fribourg, Switzerland, has appeared in one NHL game with the Wild, Oct. 14 vs. CBJ, where he collected four penalty minutes in 5:23 of action. Lucia, 24, is in his second full season with the Wild organization, having signed a three-year, entry-level deal with Minnesota on May 27, 2016, which started during the 2016-17 season. The Fairbanks, Alaska native has six goals, nine assists for 15 points and 12 penalty minutes in 40 regular-season games with Iowa this season. He has career AHL totals of 17 goals and 24 assists for 41 points in 93 regular-season contests.
  6. Edler's worth? [Discussion]

    say what??!
  7. Edler's worth? [Discussion]

    About .28 Brock Boeser's in today's market, if we are using the Boeser measurement tool....
  8. Benning likes to collect first rounders, Reinhart would be a perfect top 5 pick to add to the collection... BC boy too!
  10. Did we just trade Nilsson to Vegas for a 1st? e4
  11. Lind Cole, 8Pts --2GP

    :/ thought this hot prospected would have at least 10 by now... bust
  12. Luca Sbisa - if he goes on waivers!! I wish
  13. What is your unpopular opinion?

    I will be bitter forever that we did not draft Ehlers. I watched him play most games in Halifax and this guy was one of the best prospects I have ever seen, he literally skated circled around opponents! Baffles me how he didn't go top 3 let alone us passing over him! Also, I truly believe the Canucks could scrap into the playoffs this year (with a bit of luck and things falling in our favour...)
  14. Leaving a suitcase of 5 million cash every year anonymously outside his door and giving him a 1 mill a yr salary also works