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  1. Ben Kuzma ‏@benkuzma 6 minutes ago Benning confirms PTOs for C/LW James Sheppard, 28, and RW Tuomo Ruutu, 33. #Canucks Haven't seen this posted yet (ignore if it is) but confirmed via Kuzma through Benning
  2. Also from Pedan: Andrei Pedan to Sport-Express: 'McCann was the only guy in #Canucks I couldn't get along. Sometimes he acted like he's the lonely star here' — Igor Eronko (@IgorEronko) May 31, 2016
  3. pretty sure Buffalo would just hand us over Evander Kane (and his issues), for free... unless the add-ons are for cap space!
  4. just for Desi- "gilt als offensiver Verteidiger mit einem guten Schus" is translated to "Is a legit offensive d-man with a GREAT SHOT"
  5. from the Kloten Flyers website below which I randomly stumbled across today. If somebody wants it translated I will do that but basically saying he's signed from the end of July to a one year deal. 06.07.2016 DER US-AMERIKANER BOBBY SANGUINETTI (28) VERTEIDIGT NÄCHSTE SAISON FÜR DEN EHC KLOTEN Bobby Sanguinetti, der bereits in der NHL, KHL und zuletzt in der AHL Erfahrungen sammelte, hat einen Einjahresvertrag bis zum Ende der Saison 2016/2017 unterschrieben. Von 2010 bis 2013 spielte Sanguinetti in der Organisation der Carolina Hurricanes, für welche er 40 Spiele in der NHL absolvierte. In der Saison 2015/2016 verteidigte er für die Rochester Americans (AHL). Bobby Sanguinetti bestritt insgesamt 429 Spiele in der AHL und gilt als offensiver Verteidiger mit einem guten Schuss. Der 1.91m Grosse soll mit seinen Qualitäten das Powerplay lenken. Der EHC Kloten ist erfreut über die Verpflichtung vom erfahrenen Spieler Bobby Sanguinetti. Er wird Ende Juli 2016 zum Team stossen und das Training in Kloten aufnehmen.
  6. Top scoring defenseman two seasons ago... and he will be missed. seriously, grow up!
  7. someone please start the "JB, do us all a favour and NEVER TRADE Sbisa" thread already! #SaveLuca
  8. I love Sbisa! Really nice guy and solid hockey player, I also never understood the issues with his contract.... works well for me in term and cap! looking forward to next season!
  9. Keep Sbisa for sure. Or keep both but we need Luca!
  10. man i love TPB.. i did a couple of days on set with these guys for the new season in Nova Scotia last year, nicest crew I have ever worked with! I literally missed Snoop Dogg (Lion?) by one day :/
  11. surely if NMC and NTC's are not eligible for the expansion draft, every player would suddenly get an NMC in their new contract until then... no point losing a player for nothing
  12. woah... I seriously thought it was Canucks Discussion Center
  13. I'm Swiss and a huge ZSC fan, this sweep was very unexpected by on a good note Matthews was a beast all season! 1C after about the second game in....
  14. Luca Sbisa