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  1. Benning likes to collect first rounders, Reinhart would be a perfect top 5 pick to add to the collection... BC boy too!
  3. Did we just trade Nilsson to Vegas for a 1st? e4
  4. Lind Cole, 8Pts --2GP

    :/ thought this hot prospected would have at least 10 by now... bust
  5. Luca Sbisa - if he goes on waivers!! I wish
  6. What is your unpopular opinion?

    I will be bitter forever that we did not draft Ehlers. I watched him play most games in Halifax and this guy was one of the best prospects I have ever seen, he literally skated circled around opponents! Baffles me how he didn't go top 3 let alone us passing over him! Also, I truly believe the Canucks could scrap into the playoffs this year (with a bit of luck and things falling in our favour...)
  7. Leaving a suitcase of 5 million cash every year anonymously outside his door and giving him a 1 mill a yr salary also works
  8. Undrafted Vincent Praplan

    good player! hopp schwiiz, usw...
  9. Sbisa very much deserved the money imo... Eriksson not so much!
  10. During 2017-18, Which Canuck(?) Will....

    1- Exceed everyone's expectations? A- Baertschi, Boeser 2- Be the greatest disappointment? A- Markstrom 3- Get traded soonest?(any player in org) A- Hutton 4- Get dealt(Canuck, not farm-hand) at TDL? A- Sutter 5- Heroically, save a crying bambino from a 5-alarm fire?! A- Boucher 6- Make undoubtedly, the most BEAUTIFUL, memorable play of the year? A- Either Sedin
  11. I don't understand this Boucher negativity... brought in on waivers, only 23 years old, showed a lot of promise and netted 5 goals in 27 games! He has to be better than Megna (who played 58 games and scored 4 goals!).
  12. Watch For Toads Crossing in Whistler

    i live in Whis and was slightly annoyed when the Ironman race decided to run through Lost Lake last week as past of the run... stupid decisions made here every day, such a paid parking now with no thought of how it may affect the surrounding areas! These toads are here every year, volunteers are always arranged to stop tourists from stepping on them! cute little things
  13. Suggest me something to watch on Netflix

    Animal kingdom all the way!! Imagine the Godfather set in Malibu Season 1 is on Netflix, season 2 is streaming currently
  14. Wow, huge BC born player! 6'5