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  1. 1 or 2 I understand but over-paying for 3rd would be odd as 3 - 9 or so rated players could go anywhere!
  2. TSN Radio Vancouver‏ Per @mattsekeres -- #Canucks will re-tool their scouting department after the draft and free agency. "An open secret" at the draft Sekeres: "Morale with #Canucks scuting department has not been good. I think the're exploring whether to bring in front-office personnel." Sekeres: "I do wonder if Weisbrod will still be Assistant GM at the end of this. I do think Ryan Johnson is going to be elevated." #Canucks Sekeres: "I suspect they'll make an announcement in early July." #Canucks Sekeres: "For all those who wanted [an overhaul] in the scouting department, they might get their wish." #Canucks also randomly- steve simmons‏ Hasn't been announced but im told that former Canucks coach Willie Desjardins will coach Team Canada at the upcoming Winter Olympics.
  3. Didn't realize I was being funny but thanks (Ok with the tv show idea though I am a part of UBCP/ACTRA and can't work non union!) I will say again though, would keep Sbisa over Edler any day and twice on Sunday...
  4. I would be very happy (5th ROUND not overall!)! As Sbisa was our most consitant d-man for a large part of the season, he doesn't deserve this. For me, we should have dangled Edler at Vegas to see if they were willing to trade us a pick in order to pick him! Overpaid and regressing imo. #saveluca
  5. Based on the released protection lists (and barring any side deals), Vegas will not only have a better team than the Canucks, they may have one of the most balanced teams in the entire league! Might be worth a gamble at those high Stanley Cup odds (pun intended!).
  6. Canadiens Montréal‏ The Canadiens acquire BUF's 3rd-round pick (68) in 2017 , in return for N. Beaulieu. #Sabres trade a 2017 3rd rounder to #Canadiens for Nathan Beaulieu
  7. Or we could ask for a 2nd rounder or so from Vegas so that we make Alex Edler available for the expansion draft... #saveSbisa
  8. We better be! Missed out on Ehlers, missed out on Nylander, missed out on Tkachuk. . Not missing out on Hischier!
  9. great for us in the Vancouver film community!! these guys pay good money for a big crew and additional performers! awesome news for a Vancouver filmed show
  10. It seems JB actually has the balls to make changes in Vancouver when needed and move players.... I really hope this translates into expansion draft protection also. Yes I am a Sbisa fan but realistically when he came here, he carried the whipping boy title for a while until it was decided Weber would take on that role. He has now been in our system, learning our ways and improving immensely as a player from when he came here, I would argue what Sbisa brings right now (esp considering his age and contract comparison) is more than what Edler offers the team. While I don't see JB leaving Gudbranson open for selection (mainly due to what we gave up for him and not really having seen him play for that long), IMO Edler should be exposed. Yes, the argument could be made that Edler would get a better return in a trade than Sbisa but he could also say no due to his NTC and with his injury concerns, who knows what return is actually possible. I say, reward a player that is exceeding what was expected of him (Sbisa) and expose a player who is not consistently improving (or even declining) in Edler
  11. I would disagree. Much rather Sbisa (as well as his contract) then Edler (and his contract)... younger too.
  12. Close to a point per game in Kloten. Played on same team as Sanguinetti Saw Kloten play in October... Shore was the teams top scorer too if I am not mistaken