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  1. Bored so heres another one: Sedin Sedin Burrows Higgins Bonino Vrbata Kassian Matthias Dorsett Kenins Horvat Hansen Tanev Edler Hamhuis Bieksa Sbisa Weber Miller Lack Trade 1: To San Jose: Miller Bonino To Van: Thornton 2nd Round Pick Reason: Veteran for veteran swap, we get rid of cap space, they get rid of a guy who doesn't want to be there, they get a goalie we get a playmaking center for Vrbata and a guy who can anchor the second unit powerplay To St.Louis: 2nd Round Pick To Van: Paajarvi Reason: They get a 2nd Round Pick, we get a skilled reclamation project similar to Baertschi Signings: Joel Ward: 2 Years Cody Franson: 4 years Help close out final years with core Lineup: Sedin Sedin Burrows Ward Thornton Vrbata Baerstchi Horvat Kassian Dorsett Cassels Hansen Kenins Virtanen Paajaarvi Higgins Tanev Edler Bieksa Franson Hamhuis Sbisa Lack Markstrom
  2. Poof
  3. Trade 1: To Washington: Vrbata To Van: 22nd Overall Trade 2: To Detroit: Edler To Van: 19th Overall Pick 73rd Round Pick Trade 3: To Philadelphia: Bieksa Hansen To Van: 60th Pick 91st Pick Trade 4: To Boston: Hamhuis 60th Pick 73rd Pick 91st Pick To Van: 14th Pick Picks: 14th Pick 19th Pick 22nd Pick 23rd Pick Draft: 14th: Timo Meier 19th: Thomas Chabot 22nd: Jakub Zboril 23rd: Brandon Carlo Prospect Pool: Virtanen Horvat Meier Shinkaruk McCann Baerstchi Kassian Cassels Kenins Gaunce Jensen Zboril Carlo Tanev Chabot Corrado Subban Demko
  4. What do you mean by avid skier? Did he injure his back skiing?
  5. Kyle Connor anyone?
  6. There is a large free agency pool coming up in 2016, granted most of the players on there won't remain but there are a few teams who don't have the cap space to re-sign their players and some of these players will want to test free agency. This Years Draft: To Ottawa: Hamhuis Bonino To Van: 42nd pick 48th pick To Pittsburgh: Vrbata Higgins To Van: 2016 1st round pick To San Jose: Miller McCann Gaunce Hansen 42nd pick 48th pick Pittsburgh 1st Rounder To Vancouver: 9th Overall Pick Tomas Hertl Draft Barzal With 9th pick Draft Meloche With 23rd Pick 2016 Offseason: Sign Lucic Sign Seabrook Sedin Sedin Burrows Lucic Horvat Hertl Kassian Barzal Baerschi Dorsett Cassels Shinkaruk Kenins Edler Seabrook Sbisa Tanev Corrado Bieksa Meloche Lack Markstrom
  7. Supposedly he's not with the Comets anymore according to @brendanmburke
  8. To San Jose: Lack (young goalie, hasn't hit prime, high value) Bonino Edler 1st Round Pick Higgins To Vancouver: 1st 9th Overall (Provorov) Joe Thornton (add veteran for depth to close out career) Mirco Mueller Sedin Sedin Burrows Baerstchi Thornton Vrbata Hansen Horvat Virtanen Kenins Cassels Dorsett Vey, Shinkaruk, McCann Mueller Tanev Hamhuis Provorov Bieksa Corrado Sbisa Miller Markstrom
  9. If they're willing to trade Malkin they should be willing to trade Crosby. To Pit: Henrik Sedin Daniel Sedin Edler To Van: Crosby 1st Round Pick
  10. Dude do you live on this forum more than 75% of the responses in this thread are yours
  11. To Van: Adam Henrique Steven Santini 2nd Round Pick To New Jersey: Bonino Edler Sedin Sedin Burrows Vrbata Henrique Kassian Hansen Horvat Kenins Dorsett Richardson Virtanen Higgins, Vey, Baerstchi
  12. Bieksa always play well when he has a shutdown defenseman to play with, which would be Hamhuis, because Bieksa's style of play is like a rover. The only reason Desjardin didn't play them together was because he didn't trust Weber and Sbisa together. What they need to do this offseason is find a dman who can play replace Weber and play with Sbisa
  13. So if he does well you find a reason to hate him and if he does bad you already have reasons lined up. This guy can't win either way, you're unbelievable, shred this thread my a$$
  14. The hate that Bieksa has garnered is unbelievable, this is the same guy who scored the winning goal to send us to the finals, that goal was just as important as Burrows'. This is the same guy who took a paycut to stay here. He has a year left and after that he would likely play for dirt cheap and be a serviceable defenseman to close out his career. His season was tainted because he played with a garbage player like Sbisa. Take note most of you may not have noticed, but after Sbisa had that brutal giveaway on Ferland's goal, him and Bieksa only took shifts with the twins. This shows how Sbisa has brought down his dman. Doesnt anyone remember how well this guy plays if played with a proper partner. Just look at Edler, he looks terrible when he plays with anyone other than Tanev, why not trade him he has a greater value. You don't trade players like Bieksa, and the funny thing is if you think about it for a second none of you truly want to. You people love this guy but are trying to hate him after one series where Sbisa was the worst player and brought him and the whole team down. You either die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain..Bieksa is what this city needs but not someone who we deserve
  15. Please give me a break out of all the stuff that was said today you choose Bieksa and twist his words.