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  1. Looks like we took McCann
  2. I say D
  3. What are the chances this injured shoulder (was it dislocated?) becomes are recurring injury?
  4. Why is Torts still employed? Seriously, he should've been fired immediately following that travesty of a game. Gillis is a tool, the longer he is employed the worse things will get. At least when he is gone we will get a proper full rebuild.
  5. <p> After 10 years finally you get to cheer, Rejoice!
  6. <p> Why is this guy still here?
  7. I'm just hoping we lose by less than 5, forget the W that's a pipe dream
  8. I'm thinking we may see another Anaheim game tomorrow night. Maybe not as bad, say 8-1? Especially after what we did to them last time they'll be real hungry. Gonna be messy.
  9. I hope so. No way we make the playoffs this year.
  10. I'm turning my phone off and avoiding the TV tomorrow night, it's going to be real ugly.
  11. 4-1 Kings LA/ANH/SJ = Canucks kryptonite
  12. What a game, what a way to redeem himself after the penalty. A performance we needed from a Canadian kid!!!
  13. LOL, what are you 12?