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  1. Still getting used to that new skate blade profile no doubt.
  2. This was the camp forJake to come in in fantastic shape, set the tone and prove he's part of this core. He should be leading the way in a bag skate, not one of the last guys. I'm so very tired of everybody holding his hand, he has the physical tools to be the benchmark at camp every year but has no drive. I expected more, obviously the coach expected more. I think he's in for a rude awakening, this is not the camp to take lightly.
  3. I really like what this does to the bottom 6. I know management is really high on Sutter and Gaudette didn't exactly take his spot last season, but I thought he looked pretty good the last dozen games and really like the thought of a 3rd line of Baertschi-Gaudette-Leivo. Then something like Motte-Beagle-Virtanen on the 4th until Roussel comes back. This is fun. My only wishes now are we find a way to move LE and Sutter without it crippling us.
  4. Finally! I've been pining for size with skill for so long. This signing really caps off a great re-shaping of the roster. I'll admit the cost to do it all was a little higher than I'd like, but I am legitimately happy with our roster going into next year. I haven't been able to say that since 2011. My expectations are obviously much lower than 2011 but I'm fine with this team for where we are at. Our young stars were already getting things done while getting cheap shotted and targeted non stop, now we have guys that simply won't tolerate it. Jordie Benn, Ferland, Roussel when he gets back, JT Miller and Myers aren't afraid to drop the gloves either. I don't know how it's all going to shake out with the cap right now, but I love it. Maybe this will finally help Virtanen come into his own physically and hell, maybe Horvat will stop doing fly-bys and hit something. I've felt strongly that Miller is a better fit with Bo and Ferland is a pretty ideal fit for Petey and Boes. This is a legitimate top 6. Games are going to be fun this year.
  5. No we don't, not if we had Aho. You are overvaluing Bo. The only thing he does better than Aho is faceoffs. You are just proving how little you know about Aho.
  6. Nobody said dump Bo, the conversation was trading him in a package for Aho which I have a hard time believing anyone wouldn't do. Aho is already a point per game player at 21.
  7. I've been watching Myers since he was drafted, he has always struggled pivoting against speedy players.
  8. Horvat for Aho? It is a great plan.
  9. Still don't love overpaying Myers and not looking forward to watching him struggle against the speed of the Pacific Division, but at least the contract wasn't as much as projected. However going back to the Tanner Pearson move we have continued to add desperately needed size with skill through the off-season, and that must be commended. I would have been fine if all we did was sign a couple depth D and stay the course this off-season, but if the plan now is to go for it then there is certainly still work to do. The biggest need now is a top 6 scoring winger. We still have injury prone players in crucial spots that can't be relied on and players that hinder more than they help to get rid of like Goldy and LE. We also still don't have a big push from the prospects and guys that still need to take the next step like JV and OJ. Maybe that will change this year, but I have a hard time seeing it. Overall the team is better than last year already, nobody can dispute that but there was a significant cost and there's still a lot of work to be done on both the big club and in Utica. I've been reading all of the forums the last few days and nobody has even mentioned what would happened if any of our young stars have a set back. That can happen, they happen all the time to good players, so adding more scoring depth is a must if the plan has changed to going for playoffs once again.
  10. Aho is way better than Horvat so that's an easy decision. Him and Petey are pretty much clones, which is why he's my 2nd favourite player.
  11. Good 3rd pairing option, I don't care what you say he's a 3rd pairing guy. Good depth move though. The report I saw originally had him @ 4mill per, thank christ that was wrong.
  12. #13 on TSN ufa list? I actually appreciate the subtleness of Hutton's game more than most but wow.
  13. What happened to Kablukov or however you say it?
  14. Quite surprised at the contract after the information we were given throughout most of this process. I've seen more of Tyler Myers than most so I'm still not thrilled about the contract length, but as I said before Myers does bring elements we don't have. That's about as positive as I can get on this one.