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  1. No I can't imagine our defense without Huggy now, I don't want to.
  2. It probably is the best win of the season, I still don't like the way we start games and give up the first goal but I don't think anybody does. Other than that it was a great effort.
  3. This was a pleasant surprise. History has taught me not to get excited for morning games but the boys played great for the most part.
  4. I strongly dislike extending Baumgartner and Brown. It's extremely hard to watch how easily our defenders give up ice and how easily teams are able to enter our zone. That is coaching. The defense constantly looks confused. The PP speaks for itself. Stagnant, zero movement, zero creativity, extremely predictable zone entries. None of this is new under Brown. Carnegie can go as well, skills coach is an undervalued position I believe we could and should be looking to innovate. Ian Clark and Manny have done fine jobs and deserve due credit.
  5. Funny how Leafs had the same problems under Babcock, I do really like Green but I'm not sure either guy is the right fit for this team. I do feel like both coaches are trying to pound a square peg into a round hole when it comes to how they run their teams. The Canucks clearly need to be playing a style like the habs and panthers where they relentlessly attack. Attack on defense, attack in the neutral zone, turn pucks over get it up ice quick and put their dynamic players in positions to use their skillset off the rush. Green seems to be intent on making petey and boeser grind on the walls, and yes it's part of hockey but you need to look at your team and build your structure and style of play based on your core. Why in the world would you want Petey, Boeser and Hughes playing slow, grinding hockey in the corners all the time. Why in the world wouldn't you design your systems around the strengths of your best players that will be here for a very long time? If you look back on the wonderful seasons that Boeser and Petey previously had a lot of their damage was done off the rush, I'm not sure how we got so far away from that but it's extremely obvious that the chip and chase is not working at all. Our 5 on 5 systems don't involve Hughes in the offense at all. That's a real problem for me. Again, I do like Green but my fear is he seems intent on playing heavy/grindy hockey and our entire core is based on speed and skill. I believe Babcock has shown the same inability to adapt to his team and lost his job because of it, so it's a hard pass for me. Watching the Habs play has changed my opinion on everything. They have less talent than us, no superstars, but they play a dynamic style that is relentless and designed around their best players moving forward. That's what needs to happen here.
  6. The problem with that pick is it wasn't a swing. Many of us wanted a swing, JB probably couldn't have missed if he'd actually taken a swing. What we got was a safe bunt from a GM that hadn't proven much at the time and was really needing a win. OJ was dubbed a safe pick likely to have a long career. It just so happened to be exactly the time to not play it safe. This was at a time when the organization hadn't seen a fast skating, dynamic elite talent in a very long time. It was a fundamental difference of the kind of hockey many of us wanted to see. In JB's defence, he has yet to play it safe again and obviously we all know how he answered back the very next year with EP40 mic drop. I'm not writing OJ off, but he also can't be looked at as a sure thing anymore. Injuries matter.
  7. I mean, at this point if he turns into anything it'll kind of be like finding a $50 in your pants pocket while doing laundry. But relying on OJ to be a top 4 dman is no longer an option for the organization. A potential top 4 D prospect needs to be added by the draft. Let the kid go do his thing. Let him get to 100% health, then work him extremely hard until he's 200% healthy. Then and only then should he touch the ice, clearly something needs to change in his rehabbing, conditioning and likely preparation. This is not working.
  8. Everything about the PP was brutal. If the PP does anything at all it's a win.
  9. Probably bad that as soon as I saw Myers out there for the last faceoff in OT I knew we were boned.
  10. Luckily there's a special bus for those people. Simple stats and analytics prove otherwise. Caps are 7-2-3 and if we had their schedule we'd probably be below .500.
  11. I don't care about last year, Caps are the team to beat.
  12. They aren't a top team until the playoffs when penalties don't exist
  13. First top team we've played this season, i'm sure they're pissed off after last night. Going to have to be the best game of the season from the Canucks.
  14. Glad to get the win but hard to ignore that only 5-6 players showed up for the last 4 periods of hockey.