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  1. Whatever the option is that f*cks over the Canucks the most is what will happen.
  2. Myers is dog sh*t at his pricetag. He's a third pairing defender. I told y'all that before he even came here, been watching the guy since he played for the Rockets. I don't like Green but it's not his fault half the D-men we have can't make plays under pressure, turn the puck over non stop and struggle to make even the simplest of passes. Not to mention bring absolutely zero to the table offensively. We have 3 top 4 d-men and Tyler Myers isn't one of them. Stecher and Fantenburg are not NHL level defenders on a contending team. You can polish a turd all you want, it's still a turd. That's fine if you don't like Green, but don't try to tell me this defense is good. It's not capable of playing at the level of it's opposition which is why whenever other teams make a push, they usually score unless Markstrom is standing on his head.
  3. This roster has not been good for 3 years. We still have one of the worst blue lines in the league and it's vastly improved even over last year only because of Quinn. I'm not really a big fan of Green but let's keep it in the realm of reality.
  4. That's a fair assessment I guess, but to me most of the players play lazy hockey most of the time.
  5. They've barely played in the last month, call it what it is....LAZY.
  6. Fair enough, when I say pro I mean AHL or NHL. I don't consider leagues with big ice so you can't get hit pro hockey, but that's a me thing. I do like both players but Hoglander has enough Anton Lander vibes for me to not get too excited. I am encouraged by his commitment to fitness and willingness to engage though.
  7. Cody Eakin just got a 4th, he has 6 points or something and makes 3.8 mil. There has always been interest in Sutter, there is interest in Stecher, Benn could be unloaded one way or another. All can be replaced internally, some already have. Timing is everything for GM's, some have it some don't.
  8. I hope they can score 7+ per game because they'll be giving up at least 5.
  9. Like to see more from Jake, he's not been very good for a while now though there is a lot of that going around.
  10. The problem with all of this is that when you want to trade overpaid players or players on expiring contracts, you need to do it at the trade deadline when teams are most desperate. This is something JB has proven he will not do if the team is even remotely in reach of the playoffs.