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  1. Yes, small players that don't put up enough points are something we don't have enough of..
  2. He's 22 and a bonafide elite winger that fits into the age group we already have. I can't think of anything that makes more sense than Drouin-Bo-Boeser
  3. Tanev plus our pick and something else for Drouin Please.
  4. I mean, I knew it would happen but still... This lottery system is a joke.
  5. We should be calling on this. I'd trade our 1st this season even if it's 1st overall. Nobody in this draft is going to be as good as Drouin. 14pts in 17 playoff games last year...He's 22.
  6. I'm more angry than a dragon trying to blow out candles...
  7. Quite happy with Jake's development down in utica. He has all the tools already, his development is all between the ears and he's come a long way this season.
  8. Another thing I've been thinking about quite a bit. There have been a heck of a lot of coaches with little to no NHL coaching experience given a shot in the NHL the last number of years. Have any of them had any real success? I can't think of one. Green should be an assistant before he gets a head coaching gig in the NHL.
  9. It's really simple for me. You've got a great skating defense which is only going to get faster with OJ coming before too long and hopefully getting rid of Sbisa. The forward speed has already improved and is going to get a lot better. This team needs to start transitioning to an up-tempo attacking style of play. Think Jon Cooper and Tampa Bay. That is not Travis Green. I don't know how I feel about it but the crow might be a good fit.
  10. Thank you sweet baby jesus. Now all we need is a good coach to get fired. If Green gets the job I'm cancelling my cable package. I'm so very tired of coaches that have absolutely zero idea how to coach offense.
  11. Sbisa. Dear sweet baby Jesus let it be Sbisa.
  12. I'm torn here. Didn't really want Hansen to go, but I was hoping we were going to use the pick we used on McCann for Goldobin anyways... It's sad to see Hansen go but we've just made two trades for highly skilled and highly creative players. These guys play the kind of hockey I want to watch. Full marks to benji on these deals. Goldobin-Horvat-Boeser
  13. I mean it's pretty common knowledge that this draft is really bad, so unfortunately this is another case of everything being done a year too late. Honestly, is anyone sold on Makrstrom being able to carry the load or Demko being ready? I'd bring Miller back next year at a much lower price tag. He has zero leverage now, he wants to be close to LA and the Bishop deal just made this his only option. Hansen shouldn't be traded right now unless someone is giving up a bonafide young prospect. I've heard Hutton's name thrown around, he's had a tough year and his value is way lower than last year. Doesn't make sense to trade him at this value. I wouldn't trade him anyways unless it's in a package for something electrifying. And I do not mean Evander Kane. Cap should be our number 1 concern. We should be more concerned with how we get rid of the players that are nowhere near earning their albatross contracts. The fact that a team this bad ever has to worry about the cap is pretty damn concerning. With a very poor draft class, this is the time to address that cap. Make a deal with anyone for Sutter that's willing to give up anything remotely interesting. And as much as it pains me to say it, trade Burr tomorrow. I'm actually not worried about Louie, but his tag is a little steep so if we got an offer that made sense I'd do it. One of the very interesting aspects of an expansion team is you can actually make deals with them to not take your players, or take a player you want them take. It would be prudent if we made a deal with them to take Sbisa when it's our turn to get poached. Obviously this would happen a little closer to summer.
  14. The Canucks fan in me says omg yes, the Tampa fan in me can't breathe I'm laughing so hard. Tampa isn't trading Drouin.