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  1. How do you not stop and see what happened after you kill a guy dressed like a zebra? 20 games for knowingly doing it or literally being so stupid he's too much of a liability to be allowed on the ice. Doesn't really matter which one.
  2. With the reports Nashville is still trying to add offense it would be prudent for JB to give them a call about Vrbata, if they haven't spoken already. There would be interest there for sure, it's a good fit.
  3. [Signing] Canucks sign Matt Bartkowski

    Bartkowski is fine... As a 7th or 8th defenseman making 800k. Sure he battles, but loses all of them. Yes he skates the puck out well, then hands it to the other team nearly every time. Overpaid, Overused. I would literally take anyone from Utica instead.  
  4. [Waivers] Zack Kassian

    I do not argue that he was willing to stand up for his teammates even though he's not really a fighter. But he also put going out partying before the team and his teammates, so it's kind of a wash. Look, I like Zack but it's not lost on me that we had to pay a 5th round pick to be able to trade a much more talented player for a much less talented player. That is because teams have issue with his character, and yes drugs and partying are part of it but not all of it. A forced stint in rehab isn't going to and shouldn't change that. The point I'm trying to make is Benning is trying to change the culture here. Less drama, more heart. Though some disagree with me, that is the only area I feel he's been consistent and successful at so far in his time here. It would only add more confusion to what he is trying to accomplish here by bringing zack back.
  5. [Waivers] Zack Kassian

      I wasn't specifically speaking about drugs when I said Kassian isn't a high character player, I said he isn't a high character player because he isn't. Just because you answer the questions you are supposed to answer the way you are supposed to answer them doesn't make you high character. That would mean nearly every player in the NHL is a high character player, which isn't true. Teams trade, draft and evaluate based on character all the time. Effort, leadership and willingness to sacrifice for your team are 3 main areas used to evaluate character in hockey. Zack was not above average in any of these areas in his time as a Canuck. Guys like Prust, Dorsett, Horvat are high character players. Yes even Prust, who does questionable things, is considered to have very high character by many of the most respected hockey people. As far as the addiction part of this. I wish Zack the best, but I've also been around this stuff enough to know people don't change unless they take it upon themselves to do what is necessary. Being forced to go to rehab or the NHL will stop giving you your millions of dollars is not the kind of situation I've ever seen work, nor is it one I have sympathy for.
  6. The Ghost (Gostisbehere)

    I don't know how to find my old posts anymore, but in his draft year I was desperately hoping we'd draft him and since then proposed several wishful trades for him. Love the way this kid plays. Needs some work defending, but has a good stick and the offensive is off the chart. Has all the potential to become the next Duncan Keith, but with insane offensive ability. Scary.
  7. [Waivers] Zack Kassian

    The only thing Benning and Linden have been consistent about, and delivered upon, is that character would be a focal point for the Canucks under their leadership. I don't think they'll want anything to do with this.
  8. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Agree about Virtanen in Utica. Bo just needs to play a lesser role, he doesn't need the AHL. He's playing some really tough minutes, it's a big step from mostly being a 4th liner last season.
  9. (Waivers) Jared Stoll and Anton Khudoben

    Growse, no thanks. Keep McCann, claim Stoll for depth.
  10. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I think this move should have happened before burning a year, but it's definitely better than him barely playing, barely touching the puck and barely feeling involved. He's been shown what he needs to do by NHL coaches, now he can go to an environment where he should be able to apply those things in a game environment.
  11. You can give me Biega over Bartkowski every day of the week. All he does is skate past everyone then throw the puck in someone's feet. Doesn't seem to matter what jersey they are wearing.
  12. Because some of us would like to see the Canucks win a cup before we die.
  13. But again, still hilarious. I wish we could pay for a fully mic'd up uncut broadcast of hockey, I'd pay triple.
  14. The point is it's a close call, way too close to be that animated about it unless you have an agenda. Maybe he didn't like the "I'm dying" pose afterwards, but if I got called for embellishment on that I'd be calling the ref out for trying to get on youtube.
  15. The referee had no idea if he was touched or not. Absolutely impossible to see if a stick hits a face from his position, you can't even tell from the video if it hits unless you zoom in. Like I said, obvious reputation call by a ref looking to make a call.