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  1. One guy is scoring at over a point per game pace, the other is injured....again or battling with Skille for a roster spot. If you think Jake is anywhere near Nylander's level right now you are sniffing glue. That could change, I hope it does because the package is intriguing but as of now it's not even a debate.
  2. About exactly what I expected when I saw the lines.. Good news is I don't have to watch baseball to fall asleep anymore.
  3. Nothing overly impressive this tournament outside of Demko. Forward group had no top end talent. Cassels, Carcone, Valk., Gartieg and Stecher looked like useful pieces for Utica. Typically a defender picked in the top 5 would dominate a tournament with this calibre of players, so in that regard I was a little disappointed with OJ. Yes he's great with the puck, yes he's smart but he's not a two way package at this point and you rarely see a defender picked in the top 5 that isn't already good to great both ways. Where was Jasek? I didn't notice Brisebois or Sautner which is fine given their roles. Bottom 6 defensive depth is certainly not a concern in the organization anymore going forward.
  4. Overwatch with a group - 8/10, w/o a group 4/10. NHL 17 - I'll preface by saying I don't care at all about anything other than EASHL, drop in and general gameplay. Another year, another failure. I'll still buy it because I'm pathetic, but it's still NHL 13 like it has been for years. 4/10
  5. Since management took over we've repeatedly heard up tempo, speed, physical 4 line hockey. I think we're in a better position to finally see that this season, but I'm not sold on Willie D as a coach so who knows. Last year he sort of gets a pass, it's hard with that many bodies going in and out of the line-up but even the season before the team often looked confused and had no identity. There's quite a bit of speed here now and some real physicality for the first time in forever, so lets see more of that and less people trying to do a sedin cycle unless their name is Sedin.
  6. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure every organization has a bunch of D that haven't proved they are worth anything yet.
  7. It makes Benning look worse.
  8. Another wasted asset.
  9. There was for anyone who understands the value of a talented 1st round pick and a very high 2nd round pick.
  10. Larsson is much better than he is getting credit for but my lord is the cost of right handed d-men high. This definitely takes some of the sting out of the Gudbranson deal. Edmonton is going to be a much better team next season, they aren't done yet.
  11. I really do love the idea of Gudbranson playing with Hutton, that's the only silver lining in this. He's a big nasty piece of business that would compliment Hutton well. The downside is we've traded a real gem and a real good pick for yet another guy that brings absolutely nothing to the table with the puck. I'm a really big Florida fan and I'm telling you we got wrecked in this trade, Gudbranson was made expendable by Petrovic who is just as mean and nasty and can chip in points too. That's the Florida defender we should have traded for, but if we're trading McCann we should have been going for Trochek. The people saying McCann is overrated are retarded. When he bulks up look out. The Florida fan in me is quite excited to see him added to one of the best young groups in the league.
  12. Too many agendas would be compromised.
  13. LOL, people still think it's actually a random lottery? Too funny.
  14. It was sort of a joke, but honestly Bartkowski and Vrbata should be put on waivers too. Just wastes of space.
  15. What's that? Being put on waivers?