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  1. Let's wait and see if Hamhuis comes back in time for the deadline. Our defense might be okay if he does.
  2. Happy birthday! That Lack dance was the best
  3. Wasn't the most exciting game, but it wasn't bad! Another win, another post on my blog. Keep em coming!
  4. Good win, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Lots of good action between two very similar looking teams. Miller came up huge again, but at least this time, the team gave him support. I'm satisfied with the effort, especially after that last game against LA. I have already posted a game review on my blog, in my sig.
  5. I just started it the other day. I'll consider getting the primary domain at some point, but right now I'm 100% focused on dishing out some good content.
  6. Well, tough game. Canucks deservedly lost. The good news is, this level of getting outchanced isn't sustainable. Hopefully they pick up the slack sooner rather than later. PS: I'm writing a new blog called "Five for Roughing". I did a game review with more updates to come, just follow the link under my sig
  7. Suter is a really good D-man, but his cap hit is too high even for what he does. So while Suter is the better player, I'm still convinced that Garrison has the better value contract-wise.
  8. I don't think Garrison is that bad defensively. He's not performing up to his standards yet but you have to give him more time to adjust. Plus a lot of our other blueliners are struggling immensely and we know they can be better too .. a lot of people on here are just using Garrison as a scapegoat when it's really a team game. Besides, if there should be any scapegoat for this mess it should be coaching (Bowness in particular). After Bieksa went out we shuffled the D pairings that were already working just to make way for Alberts to slot in - stupid idea since instead of having 1 or 2 solid pairings and ending up with a 3rd mediocre pairing, you balance out the crap and throw out the good. The strategy of balancing out skill and ability might work for forward lines but usually it messes up chemistry on D so bad that the risks are borderline retarded at best. I hope we don't see any of this experimenting in the playoffs, otherwise fire drills like the one we had tonight are going to mess up our cup hopes.
  9. I think the wind-up is almost as important as the strength of the shot, maybe even more so. Usually, wind-ups that take a lot of time aren't particularly effective. Although Salo was pretty good at that, but I think that had more to do with opposing players being scared s***less about his shot than anything .. they usually got out of the way if anything (for the few players who dove to block his shot, I'm not sure which is more true: whether they were brave or just plain stupid ). Garrison, otoh, clearly has a faster wind-up. He may never be the PP specialist Salo was, but I think he'd be better suited for quick one-timed shots than most in the league, and that's a nice asset to have, if true.
  10. One thing I noticed from all the goals he scored in FLA: he winds up the shot real fast considering how hard it is. The same thing was the case with his goal last game, and I didn't remember seeing him do that before while he was wearing the blue and green. We need more of that from him .. hopefully he's starting to feel comfortable with our system.
  11. Well the OP was talking about Richards and Carter, not just Richards. Once again, Carter was average at best with 7 points. Go ahead and ignore that, but it's there. You don't mention Hank's point production without Danny's. Anyways my point stands. They both degraded quite a bit in play over the past few seasons and became rather move-able.
  12. You mentioned how Carter and Richards were having their best seasons 3 years ago. My rebuttal was that they were not driving forces behind the Flyers cup run at that particular time. They had 84 and 80 pt seasons respectively in their career years then. And afterwards, they did make the SCF, but that was only 2 years ago. Do you know how many points they accumulated over that cup run? 7 points and 23 points respectively ... still not quite elite level. And of course, it kept going downhill from there, so they were far from untouchable.
  13. Ah, but you are looking solely at Giroux. I never said that Hodgson can't reach that level if he was to be given the opportunity, just that he won't as that opportunity won't come. I realize that Hodgson has the capacity for that sort of thing, but will it be untapped in two years, with this kind of team? NO. There are different circumstances surrounding Hodgson vs. Giroux. Carter + Richards =/= Sedin + Sedin + Kesler Try again.
  14. Except the comparison loses its basis when you get to the part where Giroux becomes a first liner. If Hodgson becomes a first liner in only a matter of 2 years, something catastrophic will have to happen to the Sedins and Kesler between now and then. In all likelihood, it will take a lot longer for that to become a realistic option.
  15. Really? Since when did I dismiss his potential? Obviously you misread/misinterpreted my post. Of course Hodgson has great potential, but in terms of ice time, and by extension his point totals, it's extremely limited by this teams depth. You can see it right now, if he wasn't playing behind some great players he would be eating up all the ice time he can get, the same way Nugent-Hopkins does in Edmonton. Sure I never ruled out the possibility of injuries, but at length it's an 82 game season and unless the Sedins and Kesler are both either out for the whole season or magically traded, Hodgson cannot produce at Giroux's level in 2 years. That's just not realistic. You can try telling me otherwise, but there's no logical basis for that. But for the heck of it, I encourage you to chew on this tell me I'm wrong statement: Hodgson will be a great player, but he will NOT be leading the league in scoring in two seasons.