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  1. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    Bet Schultz will win a Cup before Vancouver does
  2. We could use another Hodgson thread in Canucks Talk or something of the sort.

  3. I don't like how limes taste.

  4. Say something about the Member above you

    Had a good rep? I don't know what your rep was.
  5. CDC Latenight Lounge

    Sounds like a good idea. I'll think about it. *Limes is coming back from retirement. Let the parade begin!
  6. Say something about the Member above you

    Probably is mad.
  7. CDC Latenight Lounge

    Where the F did everyone go?
  8. Say something about the Member above you

    Probably is sarcastic.
  9. CDC Latenight Lounge

    I know. I guess there isn't a point for me to continue to make threads. Sorry guys, I'm retiring from creating new topics.
  10. CDC Latenight Lounge

    Thanks Pure Pwnage! I don't really mind the fact that it is gone, but I do miss getting negatives. How about you?
  11. CDC Latenight Lounge

    Really? I thought it was pretty good.
  12. CDC Latenight Lounge

    That's What She Said. Baa-zing!
  13. CDC Latenight Lounge

    Limes has arrived, the party can now begin.
  14. Only 99 posts with -186 rep. :o