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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Vegas Golden Knights

    And the current duo is still better than the Garth Snow/Corey Hirsch/Kevin Weekes combo. We've been blessed with some great goalies, but every so many years, it ain't pretty. Here's hoping Demko can be the guy that doesn't let in the first shot as often as we've seen it this year.
  2. [PGT] Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Vancouver Canucks

    VANCOUVER – Fans who were watching closely were surprised to spot Willie Desjardins behind the bench of his former team for the last two periods of their game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Coach Travis Green explained: “The coaching staff decided to go out for waffles before the game—you know, because we were playing the Leafs—and I guess I got a bad waffle. I wasn’t feeling great, and since Willie was there to honor Daniel and Derek, he offered to step in.” Trevor Linden had a different explanation. “We felt it would be good for Derek to see how much better it was to retire after possibly the best 20-game stretch of his career rather than after the sort of hockey Willie had them playing last season.” Green is expected to be back for the game Tuesday against the Hurricanes. Seriously, though—it did look a little familiar. A few things from the game: - I will stop questioning Green’s deployment of goaltenders. He seems to have a very good sense of who to play against particular teams, and although it often seems counterintuitive to me, it mostly works. - The ceremony was good, and I really hope Dorsett is given a job with the team—he has the sort of character and attitude you want to keep around. - Nice to have so many Leaf fans pay top price for a premium game to watch their team lost and Matthews go pointless and end up -1
  3. TSN radio on TuneIn Radio

    I like Tunein because you can pause it, but also because you can go between a bunch of stations. With another sports radio station coming to town, TSN doesn't want people flipping to the other guys during their 7 minute commercial breaks so although it's annoying, I understand why they've moved. I don't want to have to have individual apps for all the stations I want to listen to. Just one more way TSN is alienating folks before the new station arrives.
  4. Ahh TSN. Today Pratt announced they've signed him to a new multi-year contract to stay on 1040. They broadcast local stuff on a frequency that 1/2 million people on southern Vancouver Island mostly can't pick up, while they put American college volleyball on 1410, they have tired hacks like Pratt who know less than most fans, and they've lost the Canucks broadcasts. Won't miss them when I switch to the new station this fall.
  5. Bill Watters' segment on the 1040 Morning show is pathetic--Pratt gets him on the line, and then basically tells him something like "So Ryan Miller had a 45-save shutout last night--is he important to the Canucks' chance of winning?" and then Watters takes what was spoon-fed him and rephrases it while admitting he didn't see the game. Why are they paying someone who lives back east and admits he never watches the Canucks to give super-general vague answers anyone could give by merely reading the box score? Now they've lost the broadcast rights they need to step up their game and get rid of guys like Watters and Pratt, because they aren't going to have Canucks players and staff dropped in their laps any more and they need to actually work for their stories.
  6. Time for Tankers to face the TRUTH.

    It's easy to build a strawman argument for your opponents and then poke holes in it, without addressing what they're really saying. Many fans follow the team without feeling it is somehow treasonous to dare question anything management or the coaching staff does. I cheer for them to win every game I watch, but I am frustrated when I see Willie refuse to give Rodin a look because somehow Chaput with one goal in 39 games is crucial to the team's success. Had it not been for injuries, the coaching staff might never have let Tryamkin in a game, and while Willie can dress Rodin in a game and not play him a single minute, he is unable to consider Subban cracking the lineup when he was brought up even if only to try to shake up their atrocious power play. I don't love the Toronto model, but one thing Babcock's been allowed to do is play the players they need to develop. Horvat should be getting more power play time, and others should be at least getting a decent look. Willie is so desperately trying to give them the two playoff home losses he feels will keep his job that he can't tolerate using players who he feels have any risk defensively, despite more offensive upside. The brutal schedule ahead may eliminate a stretch drive and allow some line-up flexibility, but I fear management may have to twist their coach's arm to let them look at what the future might hold, rather than playing the Megnas and Chaputs so much.
  7. Stop feeding us bull

    Interesting that Tampa has the most players on current Canadian Junior team (5) and they finished 8th in 2014(101 pts), 5th in 2015 (108), and 12th in 2016 (97). In those years their first picks were 19th, 28th and 27th respectively--and the 19th pick was Anthony DeAngelo who isn't in their organization any more. If Benning can resist the urge to throw in picks when he trades and the scouts responsible for pushing the signing of Stetcher and some of the other good moves are able to find other players outside of the lottery, things can improve. You won't likely get superstars, but there are guys like Dylan Larkin and better below the top five picks every year.
  8. Trevor Linden: A rebuild would be unfair to Sedins

    I agree with you about Miller, Burrows and some others, but Linden is now saying they might try to sign Miller beyond this year. Maybe he's just trying to up his trade value closer to the deadline, but do we need Markstrom to be hearing this now? Also, regarding trading the Sedins, don't think it will happen, but if they agreed and the Canucks took back some cap in a trade, or kept some of their cap hit, it might be possible. But if they agree, does the new team have to honour their no move clause? Are they still Vegas-proof? (Not that I think there's more than a remote chance it would ever happen.)
  9. Yes, the irony here is a writer saying Kane is a bad fit because the media will be too tough on him. I'm not sold on the idea of getting Kane, but I listened the interview and thought he made some insightful comments and wasn't at all throwing his team under the bus--called out himself as much as any.
  10. Please let's not cut to the game in already in progress because the panel took 20 minutes analyzing how Auston Matthews spits at the bench.
  11. [fan petition] please rebuild this team

    I agree with much of your optimism for Boeser and that going forward they won't necessarily suck. I don't see that lineup dominating, either. There will be more salary cap money, but we haven't seen that turn into game-changing players very often--elite talent is usually locked up before getting to free agency. I'd argue it's the imminent improvement is why they need to not try to prop up this team right now. There are maybe two years they will be able to draft top four or five and then the talent of Boeser, Demko, Horvat, hopefully-sorted out Virtanen and their improving young D will make lottery picks unavailable. I would feel better about it though if I heard some 2017-eligible juniors were starting to light it up and look like sure fire future stars. Would suck to get the only first overall pick in franchise history in the worst draft of the decade.
  12. (Article) Eriksson terrible signing.

    Always love those list articles--clickbait to give five advertisers a chance to pay the writer. Too soon to say it's a terrible signing just like it's too soon to say Lucic was a brilliant signing for Edmonton. In three years Eriksson could be deployed on a line where he fits with players who aren't yet with the team and doing well. I thought Vrbata was done after last season as well...
  13. Mr. James Bennington the Third on 1040 Nov. 18th

    Yes, and hopefully give them offensive zone starts Willy seems reluctant to give Horvat.
  14. Mr. James Bennington the Third on 1040 Nov. 18th

    This is an interesting point. The Sedins are great role models in the community--they give hugely to the Children's Hospital, they don't cheap shot or respond when taunted by other players in the media--but would you see Smyl or Linden or even the hated Messier just take repeated punches from Marchand in an intense finals game? Yes, the refs were derelict in letting it happen, but at that point you have to do something if only for the morale of your team.
  15. Don't post here? Sorry, but just because an opinion differs with your own you don't get to say what can be posted. Discussion forums should be places where people can air differences not just all pat each other on the back because of how much they agree with one another.