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  1. Matheson assaults EP40, giving him a concussion = 2 game suspension. Kuz snorts some cocaine, only causing harm to himself = people want him banned for a whole season? I've never done cocaine, never will, and frankly, it kinda disgusts me. That being said, bringing the hammer down only discourages the guys who actually need the help to seek it. Pushing those players away into hiding could easily cost them their lives; it already has in too many cases. If it starts to effect performance, it's up to the team to do whatever's necessary for the player. Consider what happened with Kassian for an example.
  2. Problem is Eriksson has negative value. We'd have to add a significant piece to get the seventh rounder back.
  3. I've also seen Kesler, Edler, and Schneider. Either way, our great seasons that followed don't happen if that trade gets made.
  4. I think Nonis was pretty good for refusing to take the rumoured Brad Richards trade. It likely cost him his job, but saved the future of the franchise. Sometimes the moves you don't make are more valuable than the ones you do.
  5. The team would have been moved Quinn hadn't been hired. Linden himself looked up to the big Irishman as a mentor.
  6. Can you go on LTIR for hurt feelings? We need to talk to the quack who helped Hossa fake a medical condition.
  7. Guess fans will have to bring Loutica signs with them to camp.
  8. I'm hoping this is addressed with the next CBA. Really want that loophole closed.
  9. SJ lost most of their 2nd line and Captain, and Calgary got career years from everyone to go along with AHL quality goaltending. They will come down to earth and I would be shocked if the Flames make the playoffs.
  10. Character matters. Both have great shots, but Boeser is working harder to be a more complete player, and seems a lot more down-to-earth as a person. I don't particularly dislike Laine, but the guy is a little too cocky. Brock's a better with the guys we have; imagine Bo laying down the law with Laine on the Fortnite during road trips.
  11. For shorter term, I'd agree a lower salary is required. I don't mind going in on a guy like Brock and buying some UFA years though. Both approaches are valid.
  12. I'm not sure Boeser's demands are that far from reasonable if some of the rumours I've seen on here are true. $7.5 mil for 7 years is at the high end, but still within the realm where shaving half a million off the AAV would be fair. I'm not going to worry about Boeser until it's time for camp as putting pressure on him now will sour the relationship over the long haul. Let the man spend time with his family.