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  1. Oilers and Leafs are done their rebuilds. We'll have premium draft picks for a couple more years.
  2. Lulay with the tackle. The guy's a model of how to be a professional in any sport. Great work ethic and heart.
  3. Bobby Mac usually goes by consensus himself though. One of the best sources in the business.
  4. Huge redzone target for Stafford who rarely drops the ball? Yes please. Reports out of the OTAs were very positive and there's room for someone to step up in that offense. This draft is super deep. Still a ton of talent available even this late. @gmen81 for DP
  5. This whole board has gone insane. After the 1st 2 picks there was no general consensus, like you said. Pettersson would have been a perfectly reasonable pick at 3. He was drafted maybe one or 2 spots higher than what little consensus there was pegged him,
  6. Camp 1. Why bother paying for our own scouts if we just go off the consensus?
  7. Kenny Golladay
  8. A from me. Would have liked to see Tanev traded for another pick but I'm very, very happy with the guys Benning drafted.
  9. Have to think a trade is coming for some more defensive prospects in a Tanev trade. Really like what Benning walked away with so far though. Tons of upside here.
  10. This draft is an A+ for me regardless of who else Benning takes if we snag Hague as welll.
  11. Great post. We're in a better position to go off-board with Benning's background in scouting.
  12. She's an attractive woman, indeed. When he's ready. Probably one season in Sweden and one in Utica. No reason to rush him given the team's going to be bad for a couple of years regardless.
  13. The Canucks are also short of people who can generate offense and Pettersson will help with that. Vilardi's dad is also very involved in his career from what I've read. We know how well that can turn out...