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  1. To be fair they gave him that contract after he looked pretty good in the playoffs, plus the personal stuff going on this year.
  2. To Chicago: Nylander Liljegren To Toronto: Seabrook, 3 OA Each team gets rid of a bad contract. Seabrook could actually be a pretty useful player to the Leafs, giving them a second defenseman who can play defense. Nylander gets a wakeup call and maybe figures out he needs to stop floating if he wants to stay in the NHL
  3. Hard pass from me. There will be a ton of talent still available at #10 and I trust Benning to pick a good one. I don't want to write off OJ yet and both our young goalies are beauts.
  4. So killing innocent, already alive, civilians is fine, yet a woman making a choice to have an abortion is worthy of jail time? This is insanity.
  5. Refs fall for a dive/don't care enough to make the right call, and it ends up in the net. Real great job there. Rask should have gotten kicked out of the game for that flop.
  6. Rask you gutless faker. Why don't you have another bout of roid rage while you're flopping on the ice there? Hopefully he gets drilled and has to stay down.
  7. The problem at this point is trust. I don't trust the refs didn't see it. I don't trust that they aren't taking money to rig games. I don't trust that the league isn't instructing them to rig games. And the reason for that lack of trust is because the standard of officiating for years has been absolutely unacceptable. The fact that Kelly Sutherland still has a job is proof that the NHL doesn't take this issue seriously enough. Can't blame the fans for being angry and pelting these dirtbags when that seems to be the only means of exposing the NHL as a joke of a league. Officials do need to be fired in order to prove to the honest ones that honesty and professionalism will be a requirement to work in the NHL going forward.
  8. Less of a prison term there for raping a woman than for the doctor performing the abortion of the unwanted reminder Whoever voted in favour of this bill is proof that sometimes abortion is a good thing, starting with what their own parents should have done.
  9. The issue isn;'t his offense, it's his defense, which is simply unacceptable at any level. Edler, AP, and Weber all have functioning brains and are good defensively. Slow and stupid is not a good combination. I'm a hell of a lot more comfortable with OJ's ability to play defense than this pylon. Boeser and EP will have a field day walking around him and receiving centering passes from him in the Oilers zone. Can't wait to see him stink up the joint in Edmonton.
  10. A worse skating Gardiner is so much of a defensive liability he wouldn't even be good enough for the AHL. Probably his ceiling, which is worse than useless hockey player.
  11. Personally I think both Boston and Dallas should have asterisks.
  12. I think the blatantly corrupt/incompetent officiating we are getting treated to this playoffs might be the catalyst we need for the league to start holding the zebras accountable. If not now, this is a real possibility when we finally get a real commissioner. At this point, San Jose should get an asterisk next to their name on the Stanley Cup if they win. The fact that the league knows this calls the integrity of any further games into question, as I'm sure Bettman wants to minimize the visibility of the match fixing.
  13. Rielly is such a huge liability in his own end that he could put up 100 points and still hurt the team. There is a reason he didn't get close to the Norris despite putting up all those points, and it's not because he plays defense well enough to belong in the NHL. By not bringing in actual defensemen, Babcock is hamstrung and unable to staple Rielly's butt to the bench until he decides to make a commitment to learn how to play defense. Hughes is already more proficient in his own end than that pylon. I'd take our top 6 D over literally any of the Leafs' trash other than Muzzin. Rest of their sorry excuse for a defense group would be lucky to crack a good AHL team. Add in one of the laziest floaters in the history of the league, signed for a contract even worse than LE, and it's hilarious how bad Toronto's management has done.
  14. Either way, a performance that bad should be grounds for immediate termination. The NHL's continued employment of officials who are either blind or corrupt gives the impression that the league considers this standard of officiating to be acceptable. Go back to one ref if you can't find enough refs willing or capable of acting like professionals. We'll have to wait until we get a commissioner who respects the sport before the refs actually get held accountable for this BS.