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  1. As long as the return is better than the plug we got for Shink, I have no issue with a trade.
  2. Hate the Rogers banner that I can't block on mobile and had to manually block on the pc.
  3. This update sucks. Feel free to use the email link on my league profile if you're interested in trading. Will be coming here a lot less and only from my desktop for the foreseeable future.
  4. Anyone managed to get rid of the Robbers banner on Android?  Looks uglier than the girl I woke up next to after drinking a 26 of 151 to myself.

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Sounds like you have a virus...O


      maybe similar to the girl you woke up with, after drinking a 26 of 151, had... =O

    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Nope it's the ad at the top of cdc saying it's powered by Rogers.  It's gotta go.

  5. Looks terrible tbh. Trying to sneak Robbers ads past my adblocker. Not impressed.
  6. Hopefully he spends most of that contact on the LTIR.
  7. It's like TRR never left the league.
  8. We still don't know.
  9. Brought it on himself for exposing himself as a worthless scumbag. Sad that he won't be in Edmonton helping destroy their youth any longer.
  10. NFL admits their officials put in a questionable performance. Bettman, take note. This is how you clean things up and hold problem refs accountable.
  11. We have no competition for Gaunce if he isn't ready for 4th line duties. Bringing in a guy who can play center is necessary to push him in camp. I sure as hell don't want to risk Granlund playing on our 4th line this season.
  12. I'd do it. You get the best rb and best wr out of the deal, both young. Smith can be replaced with a smart waiver wire pickup.
  13. Me neither but I never like them. Hate country so I'm not surprised.
  14. Less intrusive does not automatically mean acceptable. There is no reason fans should tolerate ANY ads on jerseys.
  15. They're on the shoulder. Difference or not, I don't consider this a legitimate tournament so why should I bother watching? I don't give a rats arse who wins.