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  1. Agree to disagree. Personally I think Trump is dangerously close to Hitler and am very concerned over the damage he could do with after hearing his hate speech.
  2. This isn't a case of butthurt. Our neighbour and greatest ally will have a bigoted psychopath in power in the new year. Many decent, rational human beings are legitimately concerned over the damage the that can be done now that pure evil has been allowed to triumph.
  3. Teaching the kid the proper way to grip the bat for the squeeze play?
  4. All in here. Worth the risk given my roster. Edit: Looks like it's paying off big time. RB depth went from thin to: Bell McCoy (with Gillislee as a handcuff) Kelley Rawls Ready for the playoffs!
  5. How much did you bid?
  6. That would be fantastic for the sport. It's time someone actually grew a pair and challenged the criminals running this joke of a league. As much as I love watching Ovi, him leaving in his prime might be the push needed to get rid of Bettman and bring in someone willing to clean up the corruption.
  7. It could also go the other way given he'd be closer to his friends from back home too. Edler-Stecher Tryamkin-Tanev Sbisa/Hutton-Gudbranson Looks like a nice balanced group to me.
  8. Just keep him down until we hire a coach with a functioning brain. No reason to let that idiot do more damage to the kid than he's already done.
  9. Tryamkin is a lefty. Our left side: Edler Tryamkin Hutton Sbisa Pedan Juolevi Briesbrois I don't see handedness as being an issue. Gudbranson hasn't really been given a fair shot as he's been thrust into the top shutdown role in the absence of Tanev.
  10. I think he needs a Super Bowl to have any chance.
  11. As a Broncos fan, as much as i respect Romo, if he can't stay healthy with the Dallas offensive line in front of him, he doesn't stand a chance in Denver. He'd be great for the 2 quarters he played for us.
  12. Ehlers wouldn't work as the Jets are already stacked on the right side of their blueline. Draisaitl would definitely tempt me but I'm betting Edmonton finds a taker for RNH.
  13. No thanks to moving Tanev. We're going to have two very young goalies next year and losing a, defenceman who can play defense will only hurt their development. They can have Larsen.