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  1. Trying to get Marchand an endorsement deal for Ryan Callahan flavored ice cream?
  2. If Shannahan compounds this by letting Dumbass make some trades, Christmas will come early for the rest of the league. The smartest thing Dubas has done was lottery protecting the 1st he traded to get rid of Marleau.
  3. Center of upper bowl, as close to the front as you can manage. Getting my view obstructed my the netting really grinds my gears,
  4. I like Greener but if you have a chance to get Babcock, you take it. It wasn't his fault his idiot of a GM put together a 10 ply hockey team.
  5. Agreed except Rielly is absolute trash in his own zone. Add in a guy like Barrie who only wants to pad his stats and has no interest in playing like an NHLer in his own zone, and a 10 ply 3rd line center who won't backcheck, and you have a recipe for disaster. It's entirely on Dumbass for putting together possibly the laziest team in the history of the league. No coach would be able to win when the entire core either can't, or won't put in an acceptable effort on a nightly basis. It's a miracle Babcock was able to get as much out of these floaters as he did.
  6. Just when I thought they couldn't get any more stupid. The problem there is clearly their idiot of a GM.
  7. To be honest, I'm surprised it wasn't written in crayon.
  8. If we want energy maybe we should play a guy like MacEwen instead of a guy that doesn't put in a consistent effort?