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  1. 1c 1lw 1d Coach
  2. This. Wasting cap space for more than one year is moronic. Look at Higgins. Instead of just eating the caphit we had the space for, we're wasting space next year too. Not sure how JB didn't learn from the tire-fire his brain-dead predecessor left him and realize how harmful these kind of moves are. There's simply no excuse for this kind of short-shortsightedness.
  3. I'm 100% down for this. The NHL won't clean up their act until a judge tells them to do so.
  4. All this could have been avoided if our GM had the time hadn't been a complete moron. A buyout should have been the ONLY option. The fact that Gillis even considered not buying him out, let alone retaining salary and risking this debacle should have been cause ofr immediate termination. Ownership intervention or not, no competent GM destroys the future of the franchise as badly as Gillis did.
  5. LMAO at McDavid calling anyone classless when he's got the biggest piece of trash in the league on his line.

    1. Chip Kelly
    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      McDavid alleges that Brandon Manning said during tonight's game that the hit last year that broke McDavid's collarbone was intentional. McDavid's pissed not only because of that but because he publicly defended Manning for that hit. Manning also wouldn't fight any of the Oilers who challenged him.


      Not sure how true his allegations are, but he scored later in the game and said "F*** you, bitch" right to Manning's face. Pretty hilarious.

    3. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Edgy brah. Sounds like a Burrows move trying to piss him off to get him off his game. It works against Crosby up until have not seen much emotion from McDavid publicly or on ice. He is quite stoic. But guys are gonna test him now to see if he reacts to trash talk and physical play.

  6. Garth Snow is a better GM than Gillis. Wouldn't mind seeing that idiot destroy another team though.
  7. That potential caphit if he retires with one year left is terrifying. And even 800k yearly is the difference between an NHL defenseman and Larsen.
  8. I need to lose by 65 or less to hold the tiebreaker I think.
  9. Benning didn't destroy the team's future cap situation by retaining salary in the Luongo trade. That move alone renders Gillis unfit to be in any position where he's given any kind of input into hockey decisions. Benning stepped into a tire fire entirely caused by the idiot he replaced. It's going to take years before the damage is completely undone.
  10. @Go Faulk Yourself
  11. Agree to disagree. Personally I think Trump is dangerously close to Hitler and am very concerned over the damage he could do with after hearing his hate speech.
  12. This isn't a case of butthurt. Our neighbour and greatest ally will have a bigoted psychopath in power in the new year. Many decent, rational human beings are legitimately concerned over the damage the that can be done now that pure evil has been allowed to triumph.
  13. Teaching the kid the proper way to grip the bat for the squeeze play?
  14. All in here. Worth the risk given my roster. Edit: Looks like it's paying off big time. RB depth went from thin to: Bell McCoy (with Gillislee as a handcuff) Kelley Rawls Ready for the playoffs!
  15. How much did you bid?