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  1. Why do the players agree to this when they could get far better term on the open market? Markstrom's value is at an all-time high and Tanev's style of play makes him an injury risk.
  2. Sadly, I think the only way of restoring the US to a respectable country is a bullet.
  3. Trading away cheap young players when we're approaching a cap crunch is not a good solution.
  4. This is why I don't want Utica relocated to Abbotsford. Having the kids away from our media is better for their development. Happy we have a lot of guys who look almost ready; we'll need all the cheap young talent we can get once it's time to extend EP40 and Hughes.
  5. And I'd be taking up arms to prevent it. The US is a very broken country and I would rather did defending Canada than be subject to a government I consider to be pure evil. No Anschluss under my watch.
  6. Kassian should won the Masterson for exposing Tkachuk as the gutless coward we all know he is. This could have been the wake-up call he needed to stop being a complete disgrace to the sport, but I guess that's an unreasonable expectation given his obvious character issues
  7. Agree completely. The Czechs went above and beyond simple courtesy and made us feel incredibly welcome. Was surprised at the level of English proficiency in restaurants especially. I had little to no language barrier. I had similar experiences with Russian fans. Pity most of them left immediately the game and didn't stay for the presentation, after all the garbage they've spewed over the last well, I really wanted to give it back to them. If anyone still thinks the US has surpassed Russia as our biggest rival, this tournament was a wake up call. When groups of Canadians sing the Star Spangled Banner after the US beat the Russians, there's a reason. I did see one Russian who stuck around long after his team had left the ice and shook his hand, so at least there's some reasonable ones. Was considering going to Novisibursk for the tournament there but honestly I'm having second thoughts after seeing how these clowns acted. Made it feel so much better to beat them though . So proud of our boys for a huge win. For anyone still whining about the camera, the officiating was awful for the entire tournament. It wasn't a new development
  8. Feel pretty good about Finland coming home empty handed after how a few of their boys conducted themselves at the bar after the game. Went well beyond typical immaturity. I won't be naming names or getting into specifics, but Utunen wasn't involved.
  9. Iran isn't blameless but the real terrorists are the Americans. Trump should be hanged for this war crime.
  10. Goaltending decides this game. Were still too many defensive miscues against the Slovaks that were negated by our forwards being faster and able to get back in time. Need to play tough and physical, and hope the referees aren't a factor.
  11. So our solution to a perceived cap crunch is to trade away a young stud on an ELC? Those expiring contracts will be filled with our prospects.
  12. I wouldn't even say it shouldn't be done infrequently. The NHL has proven to be unwilling to address the gross unprofessionalism in their officiating ranks voluntarily. I have little hope it will be fixed until we get a commissioner who cares about the integrity of the sport, but publicly calling out these criminals is the only real recourse short of the Rocket Richard solution.