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  1. Arizona gets a good prospect in exchange for taking a locker room cancer and cap dump in Bolland. Going to be tough to make sure Bolland and Vrbata don't teach the youngsters their bad habits.
  2. Elway knows what he's doing and what to look for in a QB. Sanchez doesn't make good decisions with the ball. As a veteran, this isn't going to improve. Siemian has impressed the coaching staff with his football iq which is what Manning brought to the table last year. Not saying he'll be that good but I'm all for giving him a shot.
  3. Can't trade him it's either sign or re-draft. Our QB depth isn't much worse than last season. Lynch is the perfect fit for the Kubiak offense. It's not the ideal situation but I trust management to make the right decisions. As long as all the guys are mature hopefully they'll push each other to be better.
  4. Doesn't explain how he acts like a complete clown on and off the ice. It's pretty rare to see guys with behavior issues that serious without some chemical intervention.
  5. Better than allowing Bettman to believe that the ads on jerseys is an option. If you think he's not using this as a test case to see exactly what he can get away with you're severely overestimating his respect for the game. We're dangerously close to see the Las Vegas Caesars Palace play the Detroit Chevrolets. If you're fine with that, so be it. I won't sit idly by while the legacy and history of the sport is destroyed by an idiot who probably spent half an hour trying to open a puck.
  6. To Winnipeg: RNH Yakupov To Edmonton: Trouba Burmistrov
  7. Worth the risk. Upside is we get a useful player. Worst case scenario, we clear a roster spot for one of our prospects like Gaunce.
  8. I'll take bad ice and bad times over ads on jerseys and a joke of a format. To put it simply: I won't watch this joke of a tournament. I won't buy any merchandise spawned from it. This is not an acceptable alternative and it's time more hockey fans put their foot down and showed that weasel what's happening on his watch won't be tolerated any longer. What's next? Want the Montreal Canadiens crest replaced by a Budweiser logo?
  9. Hossa's a little ****. Guy went down like he'd been shot when Hansen barely touched him too. Torres didn't deserve what ehe got for taking out that spoiled crybaby,
  10. If they take Granlund I do the trade in a heartbeat. Guy still has outstanding upside and a new team could be exactly what he needs.
  11. Not a bad price but I doubt he signs for that in Vancouver. No income tax and a a better team meant Benning likely would have had to go multi-year to entice him with a competitive offer. Now we just need to find a 4th line center to push Gaunce.
  12. So you think the garbage Bettman has pulled over his tenure is acceptable? Because of him, we got a glowing puck, a culture of labour disruptions every time there's a CBA negotiation, a team in an unprofitable market because the commissioner is too immature to let them move, ads on the damn jerseys in the World Cup, and a criminally negligent group of officials. There's a reason that piece of trash gets booed every time he steps on the ice and it's not because he's good for the sport. This tournament is a damn joke. We have Brad Marchand disgracing the pitiful excuse we have for a Canadian jersey. Enough is enough and I'll be damned if I support this farce.
  13. Not until the NHL cracks down and addresses problem officials like Sutherland. You want that goof to be able to rig games he's not even officiating?
  14. You think that's going to motivate him to sign? It's not like the NHL where you can trade him. Given what the offer is, it looks like he simply doesn't want to play there. Refusing to report to the team that drafts you isn't as unusual in the NFL as it is in hockey, especially if the franchise is poorly run. Now they're burning the bridge even further. Bosa's not innocent in all of this but the Chargers can't afford to let a top draft pick like that just walk for nothing.
  15. Bush league to make it public though. Wouldn't be surprised at all to see him just sit out and go back into the draft.