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  1. Haven't had someone who brings that type of game consistently since Mitchell/Ohlund.
  2. Weird that they weren't called when they were happening to us. Also not addressing the fact the entire Wild team were flopping around like a bunch of circus seals.
  3. Benn would be their second best defenseman. We shouldn't have to retain here.
  4. And if you took out the ones caused by either problem officials or Minnesota diving, it's a much more reasonable number. Given we're playing against a men's team instead of those floppers next round (and hopefully Benning has advised the league to stop assigning Sutherland to work our games), it should be more reasonable.
  5. Would be a good fit in Toronto to clean up Dubas' mess.
  6. You promised you'd stop moaning about him if he didn't take another penalty after your post in the GDT last game. He didn't. Time to pay the piper.
  7. That would mean WJHC without Bob; I'm not ready for that. He probably doesn't want to be on the same network as his kid either.
  8. Compete level and 200 foot player. Picture a bigger Patrick Kane who can lay the body.
  9. Maybe the Coilers figured the bribe was cheaper than the expansion fee to get Edmonton an actual NHL team.
  10. I think most people would rather to be able to trust that the process is conducted honestly. Without weighing them, none of us can say for sure this was on the level.
  11. On the other hand, who would want even want to wear that number on a franchise where that scumbag completely disgraced it? No young player would want to be compared to a locker room cancer.