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  1. Mafia - General Discussion

  2. CDC Dynasty League

    Dayum you definitely won this one Imo
  3. Good fit there. Also likely takes them out of the running for Tavares. That contract is going to be an anchor near the end.
  4. It's a tool, but should not be the only tool. I think the analytics guys have a place in an advisory role but there's no substitute for a lifetime scouting and evaluating talent. There's no reason someone with the resume of Hunter would want to work somewhere his input wouldn't be taken seriously. Looking forward to seeing the Leafs replicate the dominance of Arizona.
  5. It's not so much Dubas' age as his background. Lou, like him or not, has a lifetime of experience in professional hockey management. There was more common ground to work with there. Hunter now would have been reporting to someone who likely has very different views on how to run a hockey team. Like it or not, a lot of hockey people would prefer not to work under these analytics weenies. I'm betting Hunter goes back to junior and has a great deal of success.
  6. If Backstrom heals up, maybe. Problem is Sutherland will absolutely throw the book at them and put Vegas on the PP for half the game. At least 2 games in the final will be rigged by that scumbag, which creates a pretty tough set of circumstances.
  7. I'm really torn. Want Ovi to win a cup but Tampa has a better shot at beating Sutherland and the Golden Knights.
  8. [Report] Wild name Paul Fenton General Manager

    I'm happy with what we have now. Benning had a hell of mess to clean up courtesy of the idiot he replaced.
  9. The only sensible solution was a Luongo buyout. We're still suffering the consequences of Gillis' stupidity and it's going to get real ugly once Luongo retires.
  10. [Report] Wild name Paul Fenton General Manager

    To be fair, Benning was hired under similar circumstances.
  11. [Report] Wild name Paul Fenton General Manager

    Good hiring. The Wild should be looking into a full rebuild while some of those older pieces still have value.
  12. I didn't like the trade, but it was a catalyst towards firing Gillis and bringing in a real GM. We finally have competent scouting and the best prospect pool we have in recent memory.
  13. Would have liked to keep him but it wasn't possible unless taking a lousy return in a Tanev trade appeals to you. At least we didn't give up assets for them to take a good player.