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  1. BC Lions

    They're welcome to him.
  2. NFL thread

    Yeah just bad both ways.
  3. CDC Dynasty League/Other Fantasy League Talk

    Did that just happen again?   Tough break.
  4. NFL thread

    Karma for all the cheating kicks in.  Boston scumbags getting what they deserve.
  5. Perfectly fine meal as long as it's spicy enough.  At least it's not a salad.
  6. NFL thread

    Bonehead penalty there to end the game
  7. NFL thread

    Had literally 4 minutes to get him in there.  Seattle really needs to use him more even with Lynch healthy.
  8. CDC Dynasty League/Other Fantasy League Talk

    Got Rawls into my lineup with a minute to spare.  Saved my week with that performance.
  9. [Recall] - Canucks recall Fedun

    Hopefully he sticks around.  He can't possibly be a worse option than Weber.
  10. WD is out of his depth

    I like WD but he simply HAS to stop putting Weber in the lineup.  We have Pedan, Biega down in the AHL who are clearly better than a scrub who simply can't play defense.  If WD isn't up for the task, Benning needs to force his hand and either waive Weber or fire WD.  We already dealt with this under AV.
  11. Hansen lucky Keith didn't try to assault him
  12. How the hell is Weber allowed to wear an NHL jersey? 
  13. Really disappointed in our fans not booing Keith anymore.  There's no excuse for forgiving a criminal assault on Daniel.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Winter Soldier

      Life's too short, man.


    3. Mr.DirtyDangles

      to short not boo that POS

    4. iLLmAtlc

      i always hated that people didnt boo kane or byfuglien back then

  14. Every minute of this is a minute I don't have to listen to PJ Stock's bile.