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  1. Not bad especially given you can connect two devices simultaneously. Splitting the cost with a friend would be nice. That being said, I wasn't happy with the quality from the streaming only game and my connection definitely wasn't the problem. Probably going to pay for Sunday ticket again this year and wait for feedback.
  2. I'm not sure if I'll be able to before I'm killed but I'm certainly open to suggestions. Duce is a good candidate.
  3. @Zfetch
  4. Why would there be 2 mafia members in the CPS? Fetch has basically admitted he's mafia publicly finally and the CPS isn't killing.
  5. You mean the third party you yourself were claiming to try to save your own skin? Anyone who doesn't vote for you is a potato.
  6. Vote zfetch
  7. Zfetch said that DC, JL, and Jazz are good options for lynch in the PM, and that TL, Caboose, AV, Dral are confirmed TPs.
  8. Regular lynch comes first in the kill order as per MR.
  9. I'll ask MR.
  10. You convinced me. We shoulod lynch your teammate fetch instead.
  11. Mafia are killing me tonight for sure.
  12. I think people should be voting for fetch over you. Dral perfectly summed up my opinion. You're mafia too though so hopefully fetch gets lynched next round when I come up tp if you hang tonight.
  13. In exchange for not posting in the thread and letting him dictate the CPS lynch, he would give me the names of 2 teammates. Needless to say, I declined.
  14. It's already happened, which drew my suspicion.
  15. Why wouldn't I just mafia kill zfetch in that case?