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  1. I'd rather this kid allowed in the mens room than some creepy guy peering under the stalls. I just wannna do my business and get out as soon as possible. No issue here.
  2. Who cares about what the media thinks? Their joke of a franchise let Andrew Ferrence wear the C. You know, the same piece of trash who flipped off the crowd? Add in that they now employ an even bigger scumbag in Lucic and they're in no position to call us classless. Only an inbred clown could cheer for that team and retain what little dignity they have. I'd like to see us ramp it up with booing Keith and Marchand when they touch the puck. Also add in stuff like "she said no" for when 20 Cent comes to town.
  3. If we didn't already have a logjam of tweeners, I'd take him here. Super surprised he didn't get a contract.
  4. By definition, excessive force is something they don't HAVE to use. If there weren't so many incidents of extreme police brutality such as this, or even if police officers were held accountable for their crimes and given real prison sentences instead of slaps on the wrists, people would show more respect for law enforcement. For the record, I believe the majority of cops (as with every profession) are good people. I've had police officers go above and beyond the call of duty to help me. But the bad apples aren't getting rooted out.
  5. Sedin-Sedin-Erikson Baertschi-Horvat-Rodin Burrows-Sutter-Hansen Etem-Gaunce-Dorsett Grenier Second line is pretty weak but is offensively minded. Great checking 3rd liner and grinding 4th line that can provided a bit of offense.
  6. Fixed. Edit: Is it just me or is that formatting in the quote messed up? (Not blaming you OP).
  7. Cam Barker was drafted 3rd overall. Schenn may not be living up to his draft billing, but at that salary and role there's not much of an issue.
  8. More setting a second line with offensive players and having a great checking line. I don't think we get Kane but I did this to show how it could look.
  9. So you expect WD to play a lazy player who can't score anymore on the first line? Wouldn't be good for the kids to see Vrbata rewarded with unearned top line minutes. If anything, he should have been in the pressbox.
  10. Sedin-Sedin-Erikson Kane-Horvat-Baertschi Burrows-Sutter-Hansen Etem-Gaunce-Grenier Dorsett Rodin Give Virt some time in the AHL to play an offensive role. That's a pretty flexible lineup and we'll inevitably have injuries. Burr can move down to the 4th line if any of the guys on the 4th/bench earn a bigger role. I don't think Kane is the answer but if he comes cheap I wouldn't mind taking a risk.
  11. I never said I prefer Burrows over Grenier/Virt, just over that lazy piece of trash we've been discussing in this thread. Better to have Grenier and Virt have to earn their spot on the team anyway instead of gifting it to them. Giving young players spots because there's no competition is the real way you stunt growth.
  12. No sense in spreading the cap hit over 2 years, prolonging the problem. Just get it over with. Whyh handicap the team going forward by creating yet MORE dead cap?
  13. Vrbata played himself out of the NHL. Burrows is overpaid, but he can at least serve a useful role in the lineup. Vrbata is as useful as a keg at an AA meeting if he's not scoring. Add in the attitude issues and it's pretty insulting to a heart and soul guy like Burr to be compared to this bum
  14. Burrows at least has been known to work hard and can play on the PK.