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  1. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    Good term at a fair price. Really happy about this signing.
  2. Fixed. There is absolutely zero excuse for public displays of racism, which is what this is. If the words of black CDCers in this very thread who have a problem with it doesn't convince you, I sure as hell can't help you.
  3. [proposal] VAN - WSH

    I'd do this deal if the pick was a 2nd instead. Bowey is a stud.
  4. [Trade] DET trade G Petr Mrazek to PHI

    Played decent in both. That's more than zero and it shows that the pressure didn't rattle him. Nothing against Nilsson because he's proven he's a perfectly serviceable backup but if the choice was him or Mrazek Philly made the right call assuming the price was remotely similar.
  5. [Trade] DET trade G Petr Mrazek to PHI

    Mrazek's playoff experience counts a lot for a team that may need to use him in the playoffs.
  6. [Trade] DET trade G Petr Mrazek to PHI

    Maybe as a sweetener in a deal for Foote+? Tanev could be a great fit there.
  7. [Trade] DET trade G Petr Mrazek to PHI

    Would you trade Mrazek for Nilsson straight up if you were Detroit?
  8. [Trade] DET trade G Petr Mrazek to PHI

    There goes one Nilsson trade possibility.
  9. Been there. Was in a cab with 2 friends and one of them started dropping N bombs to the (black) cabbie. Myself and my other friend both tried to get him to stop and eventually told the cabbie we had to get out and he was more than welcome to do whatever he felt was right. Still won't have any form of contact with that guy years after the event.
  10. Could have just publicly stated they won't be welcome back immediately. It is a business' right to refuse service barring discrimination.
  11. [Signing] Canadiens re-sign Nicolas Deslauriers

    Good price for a useful energy guy
  12. Let's Give Gud Hockey Net-Deal.

    4.5 mil/4 years seems fair to me. Benning obviously values the skillset he brings and we have lost both Sbisa and Tryamkin since we acquired him. Our D is too soft with Gudbranson. Keeping Gud helps develop a new culture where players stand up for themselves and each other. I loved how we played against Boston; the team needs to play like that every night. Look how well Edler plays partnered with Gud. Signing Gudbranson doesn't only bring you the physicality he himself brings, it brings you more physicality from the whole team playing that little bit bigger.
  13. Good on the team for finally doing the right thing. Pity it took them this long to make that decision.
  14. Hopefully their employers see this.
  15. Talented, but the character issues outweigh all. The guy was a cancer in the room and made Vrbata look like a workaholic on the ice. That clown was never even in the top 5; he piggybacked off of others' successes. Overrated player and an absolutely terrible person. Calling Messier a worthless piece of garbage is being generous.