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  1. Crazy field goal from Prater.
  2. How about cracking down on the used needles and condoms instead?
  3. Will they also crack down on the spearing to the groin? Draisitl will likely be missing time this year unless he stops taking advice from Lucic how to be a gutless cheapshot artist.
  4. Fixed. There is literally zero excuse for allowing Megna to stink up the joint for even one game. Thanks a complete idiot of a coach, he got numerous undeserved chances and only proved to be a useless pylon. We are better off icing 11 forwards then letting Megna play a single shift.
  5. I don't think he's a 5 or 6 D. Just because PIttsburgh won with small, mobile defensemen doesn't mean that we need to follow that model. This is exactly the thinking that started GIllis on his path of destruction. I much prefer Gudbranson over Del Zotto as I believe every defenseman should actually be able to play defense.
  6. I'd rather keep him around if he plays well. We'll have a ton of cap space next year and our D is thin enough even with him.
  7. I'd like to give Gudbranson a healthy season before writing him off. Coming to a new system, injured, with a complete idiot coaching the team isn't exactly a great position to be in. He has a valuable skill-set that we'll miss dearly if we sell low on him.
  8. I like him so far. Too many pauses but he'll figure it out.
  9. Dazn buffering like crazy. I aint paying 20 bucks a month for something that doesn't even work!
  10. Wouldn't trade anything for him.
  11. Yeah I underbid on him for sure. Still happy with Tolbert as a handcuff given McCoy's injury history.
  12. Pretty good fit for their group. I'd be surprised to see him not make it.
  13. Lol, out of all my QB's, who's going to look at them and decide to start Sam Bradford.... At least I left Dalton on the bench.
  14. I have some IR spots
  15. Rex didn't grate on my nerves as much as the other commentator. So many awkward pauses.