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  1. Agreed. The 2 goalie trades alone are enough to get any GM fired. Not using the compliance buyout on Luongo was simply inexcusable and Gillis handicapped the franchise for a decade with that trade. Add in the complete failure at the draft table and it's a miracle that idiot lasted as long as he did. He's unfit to manage a McDonalds, let alone an NHL franchise. Benning's done a wonderful job of cleaning up the mess that was left for him by the worst GM in franchise history.
  2. I think Benning did a hell of a job at the deadline to minimize what we'd have exposed while getting great returns for Burr and Hansen. We lost a serviceable bottom pairing guy who can play on the 2nd pairing in a pinch. He's also a UFA after the upcoming season who could have left anyway. Instead of waiting until now to give up assets to get out of a top spot, Benning gained assets at the deadline.
  3. I can't decide which of your posts I wanna minus. I chose this one because every single one of your posts in this thread deserve one and it looked left out.
  4. I'd rather draft him over a future 3rd liner in Vilardi or a 2nd liner in Glass or Mittlestadt. Way higher ceiling and should be a solid 2nd liner at the absolute worst. We need some guys who can actually generate offense and he brings that.
  5. I think people will buy into a team rebuilding with young talent instead of watching trash like Megna and Larsen disgrace the franchise on a nightly We aren't making the playoffs next year anyway unless Benning manages to acquire a time machine.
  6. Sure if we pick up a vet UFA or 2 on shorter term deals. Girardi could be a good option, as could Polak.
  7. I didn't mind what Sbisa brought and thought he was underrated here but he's a UFA at the end of the upcoming season. It could have been a lot worse.
  8. WD insisted on playing defensemen who can't play defense instead of even looking at Pedan. He also kept letting Megna waste top 76 minutes when it was abundantly clear that his pet plug had no business playing in the NHL, even in an emergency situation. There were 2 sets of rules for Willie: One for plugs and one for prospects. That's unacceptable and is a fantastic way to destroy confidence. =Willie was fired for being too stupid to even set the lineup properly and hold his plugs accountable.
  9. I prefer Heiskanen but hoping we take a D. Not thrilled with any of the C prospects outside the top 2.
  10. We got Gudbranson for a reason. I think he'll prove a lot of the haters wrong this coming season.
  11. Rehabilitated a lot of the damage WD did. It wasn't going to happen overnight and Utica's lineup was pretty bad. I think he'll perform better when put with some skilled players. All I do know is he's at an age where it's still far to young to be writing off power forwards. He shouldn't have been rushed to the NHL under a bad coach but what's done is done and he's being developed the right way now. He has all the tools to be exactly the type of player we need so it's up to Green to set him up to succeed and Virtanen to seize his opportunity to succeed.
  12. Just don't desecrate the jersey with ads and I'm happy.
  13. I saw a guy afraid to take a penalty due to fear of being benched after the WJHC. A large part of that has to be going towards a coach who gave young players little reason to be confident. How'd you feel if you got benched for the slightest miscue when trash like Megna get gifted top 6 minutes no matter how useless they are?
  14. Why dont you wait to see how Virtanen does with a coach with a functioning brain before writing him off? Willie was clearly massive part of the problem and he had to spend last season undoing the damage that idiot caused to his confidence.