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  1. NFL thread

    I'd go for it here for sure.
  2. NFL thread

    Great run by Ward there.
  3. NFL thread

    Your special teams are keeping you guys in the game right now.
  4. NFL thread

    Great catch by Jones. Love watching him play. Already thinks the game at a super high level and still getting better. Would not be surprised at all to see the Eagles make some serious noise in the playoffs.
  5. The problem with Pence is the ridiculous level of homophobia. While he might be more fiscally sound, he's still an unmitigated disaster for human rights. You simply cam't fix pure evil without making use of the second amendment. I think the world has had quite enough of having a bigoted piece of fecal matter in the White House.
  6. The problem is Pence is able to fake being a reasonable facsimile of a human being just enough that he might get some of his bigoted ideas pushed through into law. He's equally as dangerous as Trump for that reason. At least Trump is so obviously unstable that his own party may stand up to him.
  7. [Proposal] acquiring Adam Fox from CGY

    Backup goalies aren't worth nearly that much. Gaunce at this point is just a throw-in. I also don't want Demko sitting on the bench up here. Let him stay down in Utica on a good team and get lots of games in. This doesn't work for either team .
  8. CDC Dynasty League/Other Fantasy League Talk

    We going to do the same system as last year where the teams that missed the playoffs play each other for draft position?
  9. NFL thread

    Well then that's a legit complaint.
  10. NFL thread

    You're 100% right. This year's QB class is good and we need to do what the Bills did and evaluate whether or not we need to draft one. Then either pay for Sunday Ticket or find another option online. This isn't the first time this has happened so I'm not sure why you're surprised.
  11. CDC Dynasty League/Other Fantasy League Talk

    I nominate @Tony Romo for some kind of award for keeping a broadcaster on his team for so long. Also for getting absolutely destroyed in this week's matchup.
  12. Jersey sale

    Wasn't even a fan the first year. Guy was lazy as hell and I doubt the goalies even knew who the hell he was. Potted some lucky goals but was an absolute floater out there. Haven't seen a lazier pylon since Messier was permitted to disgrace the uniform.
  13. [Report] Matthew Tkachuk suspended 1 game

    Kes and Burr did it without intentionally attempting to injure opponents. THere's a difference between being an agitator and being a gutless piece of garbage like Tkachuck. The only reason someone hasn't done the NHL's job and ended Marchand's career is because of Chara. I prefer to not have players out there that are not only a disgrace to the sport, but to the entire species. Character matters.
  14. Jersey sale

    $40 bucks is more than that bum should have been paid in salary.