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  1. NFL thread

    Deep, but lacks the extreme high-end, can't miss franchise QB.
  2. Tempting Pkg For DAHLIN?(discussion)

    Yep. The price would be so high no GM would be stupid enough to pay it after the Lindros trade that landed the Nordiques Forsberg ++++. So much talent to like in that top 5. We'll be getting an absolute stud no matter who Benning takes.
  3. Doping

    Lucic's antics scream roid rage. You don't act like that much of a goof without chemical assistance.
  4. Dahlin's Interview on Sportsnet 650

    This is how you anger the hockey gods.
  5. Yeah, I definitely think he's playing through an injury of some kind.
  6. He's been given time with Horvat, Boeser, and the Sedins so far this season. It's up to him to step up and show he belongs on this team.
  7. Very underrated player for us. He's a dangerous guy going the other way on the PK and has consistently played with guys who provide little to no offense.
  8. After seeing what happened to Manny, I wouldn't have any issue if they became mandatory.
  9. Like Virt on the left wing. Goldy with another great opportunity to show he belongs. Green can't really do much more for the kid. Gudbranson being done really speeds up the tank. Tanev should be shut down for the rest of the year as well.
  10. Tank Thread

    I love him. Great shot and the reports of him unloading the team bus right after the WJHC oozes character.