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  1. Ah I see. I just happen to be a Canucks fan, from the North, so it seemed fitting, haha.

  2. So I gotta ask...what's wrong with the name? Lol

  3. Thanks for viewing my profile!

  4. Banned because I'm pretty sure the last time I clicked on this thread it was you that I had to ban.
  5. Banned for no reason.
  6. Banned for not being a Northern
  7. Banned for banning people by simply stating the opposite of what they were banning for.
  8. Banned for having too many symbols in your username.
  9. Banned for exhausting the reason of "banning for not having a sig".
  10. Banned for speaking the truth.
  11. Banned for substituting the letter "i" with "y" in your sig.
  12. Banned for not being number 1.
  13. Thx for veiwing my profile

  14. haha yeah, CDC is a good place just to waste time, and is always good for a laugh

  15. Good good, I saw the thread on that book - I think I may give it a read sometime over the summer too. As for me, just kicking back, wasting time on CDC. Haha