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  1. Where are you????? Been waiting for you to grace us with your presence this year! Come out, come out, wherever you are! :D

  2. Seems like someone still has an e-grudge on you. :)

  3. ...also I'm addicted to that Fred Willard video on your page! HAHAHA :)

  4. I'm picking Chicago in 7 but I expect a close series.

    ya crazy about the old days. imagine only having to do 20 sit ups? :)

  5. Who do you have picked in the SJ/CHI series?

    Got a kick out of your Punch Imlach letter. Crazy how little was expected out of the players way back then.

  6. Had to miss that last game so have two games worth of energy all set to go for this one! It's going to be a two beer opening at 4:30 this time around! (If they don't get opened earlier! lol) What a game that first one was - I hope it's a repeat tonight! Git your jersey on, it's Hockey Night Tonight!! Go, Canucks, GO!!

  7. Almost game time! Cheering you guy's on! Good luck tonight, this should be an intense series.

    Save me a beer ;)

  8. I hope you have your new Canucks jersey all laid out and ready for the game tonight! We'll try to do your 'new' team proud, but oh, man, the history we have with this Hawks team! Miss you around here, hope you'll come back to celebrate (or commiserate) with us during the series! First beer gets opened at 4:30 pm sharp! ;-)

  9. Hey pitcher of beer sounds good, plus for the rest of the playoffs I am now a Canuck fan!!

    Let's go Canucks Let's go!!!

    See? ;)

  10. be drank, I promise not to talk Canucks hockey just the other teams waiting to finish off their series! ;-)

  11. Thanks for the great series, Marcel D! You have an amazing team and to be honest, this series could just as easily had your Kings moving on to the next round! What an exciting team to be a fan of! (Though I did have a hate-on for Brown there for a bit! :P) I know you just came for the series, but I hope you stay for awhile longer! I've a pitcher of beer just waiting to b...

  12. Good luck tonight!

    See ya Tuesday in Vancouver! :)

  13. Thanks! It did feel kinda good to post some good numbers against you guys! :P

    Now I might give you a hard fought battle with you on the W side of game 6 but there's no way I'm giving away game 7 to y'all! Looking forward to tomorrow night's game - hopefully all my neighbours are away so they don't hear me yelling at the television! Here's to a...

  14. Congrats! Dominant performance by the Nucks!

    Next 2 are ours though ok? ;)