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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him? this is why we need him read the big story here
  2. I read your conspiracy post I believe you are bang on. The Canucks have modified how they play just to take the game out of the refs hands. Game 4 was obviously a thrown game and I think the Canucks played the way they did to make it that obvious. The NHL better be careful though this sort of thing could ruin the league.

  3. Thanks I'm glad somebody could see what I was saying. I really wanted to see how far I could take that conversation.

  4. Hey bud was reading the posts in the Fluery thread and you will never get through to these fools . What they think is intellectual superiority is actually complete ignorance . They will belittle you until you wanna smash them through the screen. Many cdc members feel they are hockey analyst legends in there own right, how can any of us even compete. Stay strong and true they cant bring us down .